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At Fitness Savvy, we are keen to share articles written by people who are as passionate about fitness as we are. We also understand that contributing guest posts is very important for those looking to establish themselves as a writer.

What We are Looking For

If you’ve read over some articles on the Fitness Savvy site, you will have noticed that we prefer quality over quantity. With that in mind, here is what we are looking for:

  • Well researched articles on diet, nutrition, training, and fitness.
  • High-level of written English. If an article submitted has mistakes within the first couple of paragraphs, the chances are the rest will be the same. This creates lots of work for us to check and edit. Please make sure you check over your work for mistakes before submitting.
  • All articles should contain at least three references to scientific evidence, or authoritative sources to support the claims made or advice given.
  • We don’t have a minimum or maximum word count. If a point can be made clear in a few hundred words, there is no need for us to set a “minimum of 1,000 words” limit. That makes no sense! However, do be aware of the point we made about quality over quantity.
  • At least two high-quality images which you are legally allowed to use. One for the featured image, and another relevant image to break the article up. Featured image should be at least 840px x 560px

How to Apply

  • Please email us before submitting anything.
  • Include your proposed ideas for the article.
  • Explain what makes your article unique.
  • Provide examples of other writing you have published online for us to check out, if available.

How to Format Your Submission

  • Send to us in Microsoft Word.
  • Use bold headers for subheadings.
  • When referencing a study, or scientific paper, add a number in brackets [1] next to any references you are using. This should simply correspond to your numbered list at the end of your article.
  • At the bottom, simply add a numbered list and add the citation. You can use Google Scholar to easily create citations. Simply search for the paper as you would with Google, and below the result, you will notice some quotation marks. Click on them and a pop-up will appear. Highlight the MLA format, copy, and paste at the end of your Word document against the relevant number.
  • Hyperlink to the online version of the study by highlighting the name of the article, as shown below:

If you have any questions, please just get in touch and we will get back to you soon.

We look forward to hearing your ideas!



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