When Should You Drink Tailwind?

When you should drink Tailwind

Are you an athlete? Or are you an adventurous person who is constantly outdoors doing high-energy adventures? If you are, then you are aware that smart superfoods with high energy are godsent. They are like a miracle created when you instantly need to boost your energy and restore your endurance.

Tailwind Nutrition is one of such little miracles. It is a pleasantly flavoured drink made from all-natural ingredients and is meant to provide complete nutrition and endurance for athletes. But when should you drink tailwind? Let’s find out.

When to Drink Tailwind

Tailwind Endurance Fuel was born from the founder’s, Jeff Vierling, lack of a readily available nutrition plan for his endurance races. After suffering through several high endurance races without a good solution for his hydration and energy supplement, Jeff took matters into his own hands. He decided to concoct a solution for himself.

He took his time to put together the right ingredients, and at the end of it all, he came up with just the perfect secret weapon formula that was able to solve all the problems he was suffering. It was an all-in-one drink with just the ideal balance of hydration, calories, and electrolyte needed for high endurance races.

Nothing in the market could match it. After sharing with a few friends, it quickly became a hit, and they promptly started begging for more. Before long, Tailwind became a product ready to be shared with the world.

Today, Tailwind has become very popular among the fitness community. Just like their product motto, it is “All you need, all day. Really”. It is ideal for all your adventures all day, every day.

How to use Tailwind Nutrition

According to science, a human stomach can digest 200-300 calories/hour during exercise. This is because as you exercise, most of the blood from the digestive system is channeled to the other parts of the body to deal with the added stress. As such, digestion is slowed down.

Following this, each stick pack of Tailwind Nutrition is packed with 200 calories of Endurance Fuel which is meant for an hour of exercise. Therefore, the general rule of using Tailwind is to mix one stick pack into 24 oz of water and drink this mixture over a period of one hour.

So, one stick pack is meant for one hour of activity. Hence, conversely, if your activity runs over three hours, you would want to consume three stick packs and 72 oz of water.

The Gel Option

But sometimes, when you are running a marathon or going on a hike, carrying along with you enough mixture for the period of the activity can be pretty cumbersome. So what do you do?

In situations where it is not possible to carry a lot of liquid mixtures, you have the option of creating a gel-like endurance fuel mixture. Just use the same amount of stick pack you need for the period and mix it with the amount of water you can carry conveniently.

However, you will still need to drink extra water on every chance you get. If you do not drink water for an extended period, the Tailwind will start sucking water from your bloodstream and therefore accelerating dehydration.

What makes Tailwind so great?

Tailwind originated from a one-person passion for sport and a desire to create something that meets his own needs. However, although it started from the grassroots with no elite ambassadors, it has received a lot of praise over the years. Would you love to try it? Order one here: https://www.tailwindnutrition.com/endurance-fuel-drink/

So what makes it so great? Here are some of the things that make it score so high.


Unlike most nutrition products in the market today, Tailwind Nutrition has no dyes or preservatives. It is made from all-natural products and boosted with organic flavours.

Hence you can ingest it without worrying about getting stomach distress, cramping, or enduring that sickly off-taste that comes with most other energy drinks. It enters the system quickly without overworking the digestive system. It is literally just small doses of fuel that quietly passes through the stomach.


Tailwind Nutrition has excellent taste – subtle and not overwhelming. Its natural and organic ingredients attribute to its unique flavour that is not too sweet, making it bearable even for people who do not like sweets.

They have several flavour options (Mandarin, Raspberry, Lemon, Berry. etc.), which taste exactly like you would expect them to taste. Just the natural original taste without the artificial taste that comes from additives.


Jeff based the whole product on the composition of human sweat for electrolytes, glucose, and sucrose for energy and then added subtle hints of flavour to complete it. Therefore, it is not surprising that the product does exactly what it says it will do.

It perfectly balances the energy, hydration, and electrolytes to keep you in control and pace with your activity.


Tailwind Nutrition is an all under one roof store for your exercise needs. When mixed with water, it provides you with the proper hydration, energy, and electrolytes all at once. You can do nothing but drink water all day and still be energetic and in great shape.

Some athletes even attest to running full marathons with nothing but Tailwind Nutrition, and it gives them everything they needed throughout the run.

The fact that it comes in small sachets is also an added advantage. All you need to do is drop your powder into your water bottle, and you have enough calories to last you for a while. This means you can bring nutrition packs on the go and use it any time you get water.


It is, therefore, clear that Tailwind Nutrition is excellent for all fitness adventures, from regular daily exercise to high endurance races. It provides a balance of everything your body needs when you are active – hydration, energy, and electrolyte.

It is also suitable for your health as it is all-natural and does not leave any residual issues with your health. Therefore, this product has stood its ground in the market and is definitely worth all the hype.


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