What Are Thermogenic Fat Burners and What Do They Do?

Fat Burner Pills

Fat burning pills are increasingly visible products in the world of workouts, fitness and weight loss. There are a bewilderingly wide range of sub-categories of fat burning supplements which can be used in different situations and for different goals. However, they all use the same underlying principle of speeding up your body’s natural fat-burning processes, often in a very effective manner.

Thermogenic fat burners, which are the focus of this post, are supplements designed to increase and prioritize the natural metabolic process in the human body.

Thermogenesis simply refers to generating heat, and thermogenic fat burners speed up the body’s metabolic processes by generating internal heat within fat cells, thus increasing calorie burn and allowing the body to reduce the density of fat cells at the relevant sites within the body.

It’s very important to note that most legal fat burners on the market use natural ingredients to power the thermogenic process.

What is a Thermogenic Fat Burner?

The first step to understanding thermogenic fat burners is to understand how the human body burns calories. When our body burns calories, heat is generated via our metabolic processes, and calories are consumed as fuel.

Thermogenic fat burners speed up your metabolism and make it more efficient, which makes you burn more calories and fat when you work out.

Research shows that chemicals within certain food and drinks can also accelerate the thermogenesis process.

Thermogenic fat-burning supplements will either boost your metabolism or improve your ability to exercise, which will stimulate the metabolism using specialist ingredients. Some supplements can even do both.

Common compounds such as caffeine (found in tea and coffee) and nicotine (in cigarettes) offer thermogenic impact but are not necessarily the healthiest products to be consumed regularly. This is where the supplements can be used – to provide excellent thermogenic action without the health risks of smoking or drinking endless cups of coffee.

What do Thermogenic Fat Burners do?

Thermogenic fat burners have two related operational processes. The first process is to boost metabolism, and the second one is to boost your workout intensity to burn fat and calories.

These supplements also increase your resting thermogenic state, such that even when you are eating or your body is in a state of rest, it still burns calories.

One pertinent thing to note about thermogenic fat burners is that they don’t take the place of exercise. Instead, they can give you a boost that helps you exercise better. The benefit of thermogenic fat burners is seen in the fact that they combine metabolism gains resulting from exercise and elevated resting metabolism.

How do Thermogenic Fat Burners work?

The pharmacological mechanism will depend on the thermogenic fat burners you use. While they are not typically appetite suppressants, some thermogenic fat burners do contain components which can suppress appetite to some degree. This can help boost the fat burner’s effectiveness by providing a separate pathway to reduced calorie count.

Also, note that you’ll still need to exercise when you use a thermogenic fat burner because they cannot replace resistance and/or cardio exercise. You will still need to maintain a healthy diet when using fat burners – there’s no escaping it!

Are Thermogenic Fat Burners Safe to use?

Yes, you can use thermogenic safely. However, here are some precautions to take:

When using fat burners for weight loss, don’t use them for long periods. We would recommend around 3 months maximum for an initial period, and then assess your progress. Whilst there are no reports of any negative effects on the body when using these supplements, it pays to be safe and conscientious when ingesting any products which are purporting to change your metabolism.

Thermogenic fat burners can certainly offer a new angle to your workouts and can be highly effective supplements when you combine them with a healthy diet and good exercise.

Remember that thermogenic fat burners are effective tools for reducing weight as part of a concerted action plan, but we do not recommend using them to maintain a particular weight level. Your only solution to maintaining a healthy, fit body, and a certain weight is to exercise frequently and maintain a healthy diet.


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