The Healthiest Methods To Repair Bad Teeth

Best Way To Fix Teeth Braces

Living with bad teeth affects a person physically as well as mentally. No matter whether it started from a young age, or you have developed unhealthy habits that have led to bad teeth, there are solutions available. Best of all these methods are healthy and won’t require surgery.

From watching what you eat and drink to practising good dental hygiene, many methods can help you repair bad teeth. If you are wondering how you can restore your teeth, these healthy methods will help get you started.

Diet and Nutrition

The initial place to address this is your daily diet and nutritional habits. Do you eat a lot of bread, sugary substances, and crisps? Where it is perfectly okay to eat and drink these items, moderation is very important. Not only for protecting your teeth from these processed foods but also to help protect your body.

The unhealthier your gut is, the more it will affect other parts of your body. You may not be consuming enough calcium or magnesium, which will affect your bone and tooth growth. It can even cause decay after a while. All the brushing in the world won’t do you much good if you eat junk food all the time.

Jaw and Gum Correction

Bad teeth are not limited to cavities from the food you eat, they can also result from a physical deformity such as crooked teeth. For example, if your teeth are too close together, it becomes harder to keep them clean. You aren’t able to brush behind every tooth or floss your gums enough to keep them healthy. This can be corrected with dental braces or aligners that are non-invasive. It is best to go to an All on 4 dental implants clinic for good advice.

If you’re wondering ” how much do braces cost in the UK?”, consider the price of replacing all of your teeth. The general brace cost of Invisalign in the UK is about £1,500, but this is far cheaper than cosmetic surgery. Check here to see how much it would cost you to get braces from Straight My Teeth. Clear aligners and ceramic braces are popular among those who want to repair bad teeth, and Straight My Teeth offers it all. Try their free assessment via the website to determine your various teeth straightening options.

Natural Cleaning Substances

One of the easiest and most popular methods to keep your teeth healthy from home is to use abrasive substances that can get to the hard-to-reach places. Natural things like strawberries, banana peel, and salt can be made into a paste that you brush your teeth with. Another common item is baking soda. Mix it with a bit of coarse salt and water, and brush as normal.

Anytime you use either of these items though, be careful not to overdo it. Using these substances too often removes the protective layer of enamel, which will cause sensitive teeth. Only use this option once a month.

Repairing bad teeth doesn’t have to be a nightmare, it just takes a few simple methods to ease the process. Keep a healthy and nutritious diet, practice basic dental hygiene and consider braces or aligners to correct any misaligned or crooked teeth.

It is also possible to help fix any imperfections such as misaligned teeth with the help of clear aligners. Clear aligners can straighten your teeth in a much more comfortable manner than braces. They are also removable and invisible, looking much better and feeling less clunky. With so many different options, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. Click here to read a comparison between Straight My Teeth and PlusDent, two of the top-performing clear aligners in the UK.

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