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Fitness Savvy Buying Guide

If you are visiting Fitness Savvy for the first time, or would like to find out a bit more about how we work, we advise you to have read of this short guide to help you make the right purchases.

Fitness Savvy Price Comparison

Fitness Savvy works with a wide range of retailers and distributors. As an affiliate, we have access to product feeds which enables us to bring through accurate product and pricing information. We are the first and only dedicated fitness price comparison site operating in the UK.

Does Fitness Savvy include Discount Codes in Their Price Comparison Tables?

We are proud to say that YES WE DO! And we are the only site to do this. However, at the moment, we only bring through codes that apply to a retailer’s entire range. For example, if a retailer has a current code with 30% off everything, this discount is brought through to our comparison tables. Not only that, but it flashes the voucher code you will need at the checkout – how awesome is that?!

We are currently developing many features, including the ability to bring through codes for specific product ranges. While this feature is in development, you can still find these codes on our Discount Codes page.

Below you can see an example of discount codes displaying in the comparison table:

Discount Code Comparison Table

Flavour Matters

Arguably the most important aspect of the supplements you purchase is the taste. If you don’t like the flavour of a supplement, don’t simply buy it again because your friends told you it is the best one out there, it is the cheapest, or just assume they’re all the same! I made that mistake myself. This meant I dreaded taking my protein shake. I never knew they could actually taste good. So our advice is – shop around – try a few brands, try some different flavours and realise that sometimes a compromise needs to be made. Unflavoured creatine tastes virtually the same wherever you get it from. However, if you want a flavoured version, spending a little bit extra to get something you enjoy, which mixes well and is satisfying is important.

Beware the Delivery Charge

The vast majority of items on Amazon come with free delivery. In many cases, the items which show cheapest on Fitness Savvy include delivery charges – especially those over £50, which is fab. Some sites might offer large discounts if you use a “voucher code”. These offers are fantastic, and sometimes make the “offer” price (when you use the special code) more favourable. However, when going through to checkout, sometimes a delivery charge is added. This isn’t so bad if you’re placing a larger order (typically £50+), but for the most part, if ordering one or two lower value items, it will sometimes be cheaper from those offering free delivery.

Always Check Orders Before Committing

We are a price comparison website, and pride ourselves in providing you with a great variety while including as much useful product info as we can. We’re checking and updating all the products daily, but it’s worth bearing in mind that manufacturers sometimes change packaging sizes, flavour names, ingredients, etc and this can cause the products described on our website to vary slightly to the ones sold by some retailers. One retailer might have the new packaging, or a new formula, whilst others may still be selling the old one.

To ensure we can sort those issues promptly and efficiently (as well as fix or remove broken links, or incorrect pricing) displayed on Fitness Savvy, we’ve created a nice little box, which you can use to poke us. It appears in a super urgent email folder so rest assured we will be on the case, fixing the issue straight away.

The image below shows how you can let us know:


Comparing Products

Did you know? Fitness Savvy offers a larger range of sports and fitness supplements than any other comparison site in the UK, making it easy to ensure you are finding the best deals out there.

You can:

  1. Narrow down by category: Every product we list has been assigned one or more categories.
  2. Search for the keyword: Fitness Savvy displayes all products including that word. This is the case whether the word is in the description, tags, ingredients or title.
  3. Further narrow your search results by using multiple keywords. Type “whey creatine BCAA” into the search. This returns results with all of these words somewhere in the title, tags, description, nutrition or ingredients. This is handy if you are looking for particular products which contain several specific ingredients you require.
  4. Narrow down by size and/or flavour to see similar products of similar sizes.
  5. Filter by BCAA Ratio: Wherever possible, we have included the BCAA ratio. This feature is exclusive to Fitness Savvy.
  6. Filter by Macro ratio: This is another feature, exclusive to Fitness Savvy.
  7. Watch video reviews: We have embedded independent YouTube videos on thousands of products at Fitness Savvy. These are typically taste tests, product demonstrations, manufacturers promo videos etc. When no videos specific to the product are available, we try to add informative videos about the brand to provide you with as much relevant info as possible.

We hope you found this quick guide helpful. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the website and/or its contents.

If there is something we have missed, a feature you would like to see, or anything you are still unsure of – Let us know in the comments section below, or email us

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