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Woodway Treadmill Reviews

When it comes to premium running machines, the Woodway Treadmill is up there with the very best. It is certainly fair to assume so, based on the price tag, however, you may be wondering what makes them so great.

Fitness Savvy has looked at the whole range and covered everything you need to know about this premium treadmill.

We discovered 4 online reviews for the Woodway Treadmill series, all of which gave this running machine a perfect 100% rating. Users were pleased with almost every aspect, most notably the incredible build quality, the heavy-duty running deck (built to last over 150,000 mils), and energy efficiency.

  • Quite simply, the best treadmill there is. One reviewer, who has been running 4,000 miles per year for 20+ years said it was by far the best running machine he had ever used.
  • Great for those with joint problems. While other treadmills promote their low-impact nature, one reviewer said that this was the only treadmill he had used where his joints didn’t hurt.
  • Energy-efficient home gym equipment. If running on your own power supply, treadmills (especially those with large motors) can run up (excuse the pun) costly energy bills. Woodway treadmills draw far less energy, without compromising on power output.
  • Almost maintenance-free machines. While other running machines require regular maintenance, these beasts need little in the way of maintenance. this saves on costs over the long term.
  • While the initial cost is high, they last longer than other treadmills and draw less energy, making them more cost-effective in the long run.

  • Very heavy machines – the lower end models come in at 160 kg (350 lbs) with the Blade weighing an insane 1,300+ kilograms (3,000+ lbs)
  • Likely out of most people’s price range.

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Woodway Curve Treadmill

Woodway manufactures a whole range of premium treadmills. One of the most popular is the Woodway Curve Treadmill. Here, we have covered the key features and specs, but first, here are highlights of the pros and cons:

  • Zero energy use: this cardio machine is powered by the user. This means it has no internal motor or electrical components, leading to very low maintenance costs.
  • The patented Slat Belt is tested to last over 150,000 miles and glides smoothly.
  • This machine has a high maximum user weight capacity of 400 lbs for running (180 kg) or 800 lbs for walking (360 kg).

  • While it is a money-saver in the long-run, the initial costs make this an expensive machine, putting it out of some people’s reach.
  • It has a smaller running belt than others in the Woodway series. If looking for a larger surface, however, you can check out the Curve XL if this is an issue.


First and foremost, the Woodway Curve is a self-powered running machine. Right off the bat, this cardio machine is saving users money by reducing their energy bills. Over the lifetime of ownership, this will lead to thousands of pounds worth of savings.

Studies have shown that running on curved surfaces can burn up to 30% more calories. For this reason, you are likely to experience a more intense workout than you would while exercising on a flat surface.

The patented Slat Belt running surface is built “like a tank”, according to reviewers. The system is almost totally frictionless, allowing for a smoother experience – you’ll notice the belt glides. This is all the more important when you consider that this machine is powered by the user. This means that speeding up and slowing down is far easier and feels more natural. this is ideal for interval training where sudden pace changes are essential.

Manufactured using 112 ball-bearings, the Slat Belt is tested to last 150,000 miles without requiring a belt change or deck swap.

With such a high-quality build, no need for electricity, and low maintenance costs, this treadmill easily pays for itself over the course of its useful life.


  • Drive system: 12x roller glides (4 mm lateral tolerance) and 112 x precision ball bearings.
  • Drive Motor: Self-Powered
  • Running Surface Dimensions: 43 x 142 cm (17″ x 56″)
  • Display: software feeds back key data such as speed, distance, time elapsed, heart rate, and calories burned. Upgrade the software to Curve 1.5 for more data. This feature even allows exporting to Excel and PDF documents and can create graphs for things like heart rate stats over time.
  • Max user weight: 400 lbs / 180 kg (running); 800 lbs / 360 kg (walking – max speed 4 mph)
  • Belt Type: 60 Individual Slats
  • Running Surface: 3/8″ thick shock-absorbing cushion
  • Product Weight: 355 lbs (161 kg)
  • Dimensions: 170 x 84 x 169 cm; 67″ x 33″ x 66.6″ (L x W x H)
  • Warranty: 10 years frame; 3 years parts, and 1-year labour


Find out more about how to use this cardio machine with the Woodway Curve Treadmill manual.

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