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Maxinutrition Progain Extreme – 1500g

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Maxinutrition Progain Extreme – 1500g

Take your mass and size goals to the next level by using Maximuscle Progain Extreme. This protein shake used to be known as Maxinutrition Progain extreme but was re-branded. They are, in fact, the same product.

If you are training to further increase mass and size, your body requires the right nutrition, including an increase in protein intake. For some people adding extra mass is tricky. For this reason, they turn to mass gainers and other types of protein shake to help them reach their goals.

Each Serving of Maximuscle Progain Extreme provides:

  • 40g of protein, using fast acting and slow release proteins.
  • 600 calories
  • 3g calcium
  • 9.9g of naturally occurring BCAAs
  • 7.9g of glutamine

If you are making an attempt to achieve your peak size, Progain Extreme powder contains the extra nutrition that will help get you there effectively.

Using the latest in cutting-edge protein science, Progain Extreme contains a triple release protein formula that provides an impressive 40g of protein per serving for gains in muscle size.

The formula contains fast acting and slow release proteins to elevate amino acid levels in the blood for longer.

This insane protein shake also contains a massive 600 calories, with 160 calories from 40g of muscle-building proteins in every serving. You’ll also find this shake contains a huge 76 g of complex carbohydrates, including oats.

So, if you like what you see here, be sure to check out more awesome products from Maxinutrition

Maxinutrition Progain Extreme Reviews & Videos

We’ve taken a look online to find out what people are saying – good and bad – about Maxinutrition Progain Extreme. For good measure, we’ve also added some videos to help you out, too!

Arrived well packaged, in good condition. It tastes great and seems to taste exactly the same whether mixed with water or milk, but it dissolves easier in water and is less thick so easier to swallow. I purchased this as I am a light weight and find it difficult to gain muscle mass but this does seem to be helping. I really can’t think of anything negative to say about it.

It still tastes great, but the formula has changed a little. So, if you have bought it in the past, you might notice it doesn’t taste quite the same:

Good PW shake for anyone on a bulk or training hard. Used it for years as this. They changed the taste slightly (it’s sweeter now) and removed some ingredients, such as creatine, but it’s still good. I use unflavoured natural whey and casein for everything else and make the rest up naturally through my diet.

We’ve said it a lot on Fitness Savvy – if you receive a product from any supplier with a broken seal – do not use it! Some customers have received this product with a broken seal.

Seal was opened all the way – no idea what were contents – threw it out.

Specification: Maxinutrition Progain Extreme – 1500g








Chocolate, Strawberry

BCAA Ratio


Protein Per Serving


Fat Per Serving


Carbs Per Serving


Calories Per Serving


HMB Per Serving


BCAAs Per Serving


Macro Ratio (Protein, Carbs, Fat)


Glutamine Per Serving




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