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This treadmill appears to be discontinued. Check out some alternatives in this price range below – also we’ve included some discount codes which you can use to save money on treadmills.

You can also check out our Best Treadmills Buying Guide to find suitable alternatives.

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Max User Weight

160 kg

Display Type


Pre-set Workout Programmes


Incline Percentage


Top Speed (kmh)


Top Speed (mph)



JTX Fitness

Motor Power (CHP)

4 HP

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Landice L9 Treadmill Reviews

We took a look online to see what people are saying about the Landice L9 Treadmill. This is a high-value treadmill, so we were unable to find any customer reviews of this exact product.

While we were unable to find any customer reviews, we did find an expert review of Landice treadmills. scored this brand at 8.8 out of 10. They state that they are premium treadmills, but have a large footprint and are costly; two factors which lead to a lower overall rating.


  • Built using high-quality parts
  • High maximum user weight of 226 kg (500 lbs)
  • No need to lubricate the running belt
  • Huge range of console options
  • Smooth operation


  • Very large footprint. If not setting up in a commercial gym, you should make sure it is going to fit.
  • Expensive. This is not a cheap treadmill. However, the value it packs for the price is insane.

Landice L9 Treadmill Features

We begin by looking at the features of the treadmill itself. Regardless of the console you choose, the running machine itself is the same. We took our time investigating all the features that make this treadmill worth the cost.

Motor Control Electronics

Power and effectiveness begin with the power the motor actually receives. The motor control electronics are responsible for providing that power to the motor.

By utilising an oversized controller, the Landice treadmill drives up to 30 amps to the motor. This is what provides the power to support heavier runners.

To put into perspective, most other treadmills of similar cost use controllers with only 8 amps of power. These lower amp controllers can overheat and burnout faster. In fact, these are the primary cause of treadmill failures.

Elevation Motor

When looking to increase the intensity of your treadmill workout, you either increase the speed or up the incline.

Packing over 1,000 pounds of thrust, the elevation motor has the highest rating and will last a lifetime – hence Landice’s lifetime warranty on parts.

4 HP Continuous Motor

The heart of the Landice L9 is the 4 HP continuous motor. While other treadmills might advertise a 4 HP motor, this is typically a peak level output, and not continuous.

The powerful motor can withstand constant use in a commercial setting without burning out. The result is a quiet and smooth yet powerful running machine.

VTX Shock Absorption

As an industry leader in treadmill shock absorption, Landice manufacture running decks based on medical research. Their VFX Shock Absorption System provides a surface which balances optimum comfort, smoothness and reliability and reduced injury risk.

The running deck floats on six individual elements, using a guide pin which goes through the absorber and into the deck ensuring it only moves up and down, vertically.

It’s five-times softer than grass and was designed with impact reduction at the heart of the design process. This makes it a low-impact cardio machine, perfect for those who need to recover from injury, or need a low-impact deck for other medical or professional reasons.

Treadmill Belt

While other treadmills are built using a lower quality 2-ply belt, Landice manufacture theirs using a 4-ply one instead. 2 layers of polyester are weaved in opposite directions to prevent stretching and tearing

Running Deck

The treadmill slider deck is the foundation of the treadmill. This is the part which the belt runs on. The Landice L9 treadmill features a 1-inch thick deck – twice as thick as most other similarly priced treadmills.

If you’ve ever owned a treadmill before, you might be aware of the need to lubricate the running belt. This is to keep the belt moving smoothly. Unfortunately, the lubricant can become clumpy and get on top of the belt where you run.

Landice has a no-maintenance lubrication system, rated for 3,000 hours. The real kicker is that this deck is reversible. So, once you’ve used 3,000 hours on one side, simply change it over and get another 3,000 hours.

And at 160 x 55 cm (63″ x 22″) the Landice L9 running area is at the highest end of the range. This makes it perfect for larger runners

High Inertia Flywheel

The Landice L9’s high inertia flywheel protects the treadmill’s motor and electronics from the pounding force of running. With four times as much mass on its outer rim (compared with competitor models), the flywheel has much higher inertia. This means that when the flywheel gets going it doesn’t want to stop.

The overall result is an ultra-smooth and consistent workout.

Oversized Rollers

While most treadmills feature small rollers, Landice has gone all-out and included wide diameter, oversized rollers. This creates more contact with the running belt. This means that the running belt does not have to be over-tightened.

Over-tightened running belts are common on lower-quality treadmills with smaller rollers. Over tightening causes extra friction, which in time leads to burnout of the treadmill motor and electronics.

The oversized rollers also allow the inclusion of oversized industrial bearings. The first things to fail in a treadmill roller are the bearings. An oversized industrial bearing will last much longer.

Landice Control Centre

Each console comes with the Landice Control Centre.

  • Rest area for tablets
  • Resume and Stop keys
  • Emergency stop button
  • Quick control buttons for speed and incline
  • Safety Lanyard
  • CSafe jack
  • USB port for charging
  • Accessory tray
  • Water bottle holders
  • Contact heart rate bars

Alternative Treadmills

You can check out reviews and ratings of treadmills at Fitness Savvy. Compare features and prices and find the right treadmill for your fitness goals.

Additional information

Specification: Landice L9 Treadmill



Console Type

Cardio, Executive, Pro Sports, Pro Trainer

Incline Percentage


Running Area Length (cm)


Running Area Width (cm)


Top Speed (kmh)


Top Speed (mph)



Tablet/Phone holder, Water Water Bottle Holder, Accessory Tray, Display, Fan, Heart Rate Monitor, Incline, Quick Touch Keys, Quiet motor

Max User Weight

227 kg

Motor Power (HP)


Product Weight

154 kg

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