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Kettler Atmos Pro Folding Treadmill – Best Treadmill 2019

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Kettler Atmos Pro Treadmill Reviews & Videos

Firstly, Fitness Savvy took a good look around to see what people are saying about the Kettler Atmos Pro Folding Treadmill. We managed to find 9 customer reviews, giving this treadmill a perfect 100% rating, with all users scoring it 5 out of 5 stars.

We’ve looked at all the features, and decided that this is by far the best treadmill of 2019. Below we have listed the pros and cons, as reported by users of the product. However, we’ve also included an entire list of reasons for and against this being the best treadmill of 2019.

  • Very sturdy and solid treadmill
  • Fantastic incline range of up to 16%
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great sounding speakers
  • Very quiet AC motor
  • Large running surface
  • Smooth operation

  • Pockets on the console are not large enough to fit a phone in
  • Cooling fan is not powerful enough
  • Bluetooth might be a little tricky to set up, according to one reviewer

Why is the Kettler Atmos Pro the Best Treadmill for 2019?

There is a clear winner when it comes to the best treadmill for 2019. But why did we select this one treadmill, rather than preparing a “best treadmills to buy 2019” guide, and providing multiple options?

The Good

  • Incline percentage: in this price range, most go up to 12%. Not the Kettler Atmos. It reaches an incredible 16% for a more intense workout.
  • Max user weight: Most treadmills in this price range have a maximum user weight of 125kg. This beast can take up to 160 kg
  • AC motor: many treadmills are built using a DC motor. This is because it is cheaper to manufacture. AC motors are more reliable, operate more smoothly, last longer, make less noise, do not require cooling down after use, more efficient, and power consumption varies depending on user weight. See image below for a visual comparison.
  • Backlit LCD display: when Fitness Savvy looked at customer reviews, it was clear that non-backlit monitors were always mentioned as a “con” of the treadmill. The bright, bold, blue backlit LCD of the Kettler Atmos is easy to see in various lighting conditions.
  • Speakers: Many treadmills in 2019 include speakers. Again, when looking at various online reviews, speakers were regularly complained about. However, users were highly pleased with the Kettler Atmos speakers, comparing them to car stereo quality.
  • Near vertical folding: Folding treadmills are popular. They save space, and people need space. Using advanced technology, the Kettler Atmos is able to fold to near verticle, making it a space-saving god!
  • Chest heart rate monitoring: You’ll find most treadmills have heart rate monitoring capabilities. Unfortunately, they are rarely included and are an added cost. This treadmill comes with one included
  • Workout variety: featuring 30 workout programmes, not many treadmills come close in terms of exercise routine versatility.
Ketter AC vs DC Motors Image

Difference between AC and DC motors

The Not So Good

  • Running area: when considering a large running surface, you should look for around 150 x 50 cm (L x W). Keeping the “50” in mind, anything which falls below this is not going to be as large as you can get. That said, the running area is still very large at 149 x 49.5 cm.
  • Top speed: some treadmills reach a top speed of over 20 km/h. If this high top speed is paramount to your fitness regime, then you might wish to consider something else.
  • Fan: The fan is not as powerful as it could be.
  • Variable cushioning: the main feature of competing treadmills is often flexible cushioning. The Kettler does not provide this option, rather it depends on its unique 16-point cushioning system for reduced joint impact and pleasant running experience.

Kettler Atmos Pro Backlit LCD Console

Kettler Atmos Pro Folding Treadmill Features

Built with precision German engineering, the Kettler Atmos Pro is a solidly constructed treadmill. Manufactured with a powerful AC motor, this running machine reaches a top speed of 20 km/h and has a steep incline of up to 16%. Below is a detailed list of its core features and benefits.

  • Top speed: 20 km/h (12.4 mph)
  • 0 – 16% incline: Many treadmills with an incline feature reach 12%. If you’re looking for more challenging workouts, or need to practice uphill running, this feature is a must.
  • Running surface: 149 x 49.5 cm (L x W)
  • Near verticle folding: Extra space-saving thanks to the high-folding mechanism. Also, by utilising hydraulic soft drop technology, you can ensure an easy and safe folding experience.
  • 16-point cushioning: Recruit more muscle activation while protecting your joints with this multi-point cushioning system
  • Blue backlit LCD: Stay in control of your workout with this easy to see backlit LCD display monitor. Many treadmills feature LED displays or LCD monitors which are not backlit. This tends to prove a negative in many online customer reviews.
  • Display feedback: Monitor time, calories, distance, speed, weight, incline, and heart rate via the aforementioned backlit LCD display.
  • 30 pre-set workout programmes: Vary your workout and intensity with 20 x speed workouts and 10 incline variations. These also include heart rate control options.
  • Integrated cooling fan: Keep cool and maximise your workout efforts with the integrated fan.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: connect your devices using Bluetooth.
  • Speakers: Listen to your favourite workout tunes via these high-quality speakers.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Includes a chest strap for accurate numbers.
  • Max. user weight: 160kg
  • Product weight: 85kg
  • Dimensions: 203 x 85 x 145 cm (L x W x H)
  • Folded dimensions:89 x 79 x 165 cm (L x W x H)

Kettler Atmos Pro Almost Vertical Folding


Kettler Atmos Pro Best Price & Discount Codes

With prices fluctuating daily, you should check back with Fitness Savvy for the best Kettler Atmos Pro price. It is available from a wide variety of retailers including Amazon, Fitness Superstore, eBay and more, so certainly worth shopping around using our platform.

To help you save even more on your purchase, we’ve also included discount codes from popular fitness equipment retailers to help you save even more.

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Best Treadmill Alternatives

Here are some alternatives for you to consider, including the best treadmills for different budgets.

Best Treadmill Under £500

When looking for a treadmill for under £500, you’re going to have to make sacrifices. Before committing to a buying a treadmill, you should consider what features are essential. If a large running area is a must because of your height, then you’re going to be limited. Most treadmills in this price range come with smaller running surfaces.

That said, the best treadmill for under £500 at the moment is the Reebok One GT40s. Scoring an impressive 4.7 out of 5 from over 700 reviews, this treadmill offers great value.

With 12% incline, 16 km/h top speed, 36 pre-set workout programmes, and high powered speakers, this little gem packs a lot of features for the price. Biggest negative is the 130 x 43 cm running surface and the maximum user weight of 110 kg.

  • Sturdy and well built
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great range of workout programmes
  • Comfortable cushioned running deck – perfect for those with knee problems
  • Easy to fold away

  • Running area might be too small for larger runners
  • Some users had issues with broken treadmills and sub-optimal support from Reebok
  • Speaker is not great
  • Phone and water bottle area not great

Best Treadmill Under £1000

The under £1,000 price bracket is a tricky one: most of the highly-rated value treadmills can be picked up for under £500. However, to buy a treadmill with really good features, you need to spend just over £1,000. We call this price bracket the “no mans land”.

Based on nearly 200 user reviews, the best treadmill for less than £1,000 is the Reebok ZR9. One of the main reasons for this is that it is often on offer – sometimes for less than half price. It typically retails for £999, but can regularly be picked up for less than £500.

  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built-in speakers are surprisingly good
  • Great range of workout programmes
  • Easy to use

  • Handlebars might be a bit low for taller people (over 6 feet)
  • One user reported needing the belt changed twice in just two years
  • A small number of other people mentioned minor faults which sometimes took a while to get fixed
  • Only reaches top speed on certain workout programmes

Compare Prices for the Reebok ZR9 Treadmill

Other options include the NordicTrack 1750 Commercial Treadmill. Although it received mixed reviews, it does pack some great features and is still a highly-popular treadmill.

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Best Treadmill Under £2,500

You’re looking at it! The Kettler Atmos Pro is only just over £1,000 to buy (at the time of writing) and to get anything significantly better, you need to be spending considerably more.

Best Treadmill Over £2,500

The features of more expensive models really come down to personal preference. However, you can head on over and compare prices and features of hundreds of treadmills at Fitness Savvy. Simply click on the scales icon which appears in the top left of product listings to add to a comparison table.

We’re also happy to help answer any questions about buying a treadmill.

Kettler Atmos Pro Manual

We realise that many people want to check out the user manual before purchasing. This gives more insight into the product, parts, what’s required in assembling. This can also help decide whether you want to pay your supplier to install the equipment, too.

So, here is a link to the Kettler Atmos Pro User Manual PDF.

Specification: Kettler Atmos Pro Folding Treadmill – Best Treadmill 2019



Display/Console Features

Bluetooth, Calories, Distance, Heart Rate, Incline, iPod Connector, Speakers, Speed, Time

Display Type

Backlit, LCD

Pre-set Workout Programmes


Incline Percentage



Display, Fan, Foldable, hand pulse, Quiet motor, Wheels/Rollers

Max User Weight


Product Weight


Owner's Manual

Kettler Atmos Pro User Manual PDF.



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