DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym

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DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym
DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym

£699.00 £32.99


DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym Reviews

Fitness Savvy looked online and discovered 11 customer reviews of the DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym. Overall, this compact multi gym scored 4.9 out of 5.

You can also purchase the DKN Studio 9000 with Leg Press attachment.


  • Great value for money, according to one user who thoroughly reviewed multi gyms before buying
  • Operates smoothly
  • Great range of exercises (20+)


  • Takes a while to build – plan for 5 hours with 2 people
  • Weights increment in 10 kg which is quite a gap

DKN Studio 9000 Home gym Videos

Having looked around, we found some videos of the Studio 9000 which you might find helpful.

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DKN Studio Concept 9000 Home Gym Features

Featuring a wide range of workstations, the DKN Studio 9000 is great for those looking to increase strength and muscle tone.

  • 75kg weight stack: although this stack is only 75kg, the effective load is up to 165 kg, thanks to the double pulley system.
  • Maximum effective load: as we just said, the maximum load exceeds the actual weight stack. It comes in at 115 kg for high pulling actions, 78 kg for butterfly, 131 kg for back, 150 kg for rows, 115 kg for abs, and a mammoth 165 kg for quadriceps.
  • 20+ exercises: hit all areas of your body with this huge range of exercises.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame: workout in safety, knowing that the tubular steel frame is built to withstand heavy loads.
  • Low-friction cable system: these cables ensure extra smooth operation, helping the weights glide.
  • One-piece adjustable press arm: perform chest and shoulder exercises.
  • Vertical seat adjustment: find the perfect position for maximum performance and comfort.
  • Adjustable bench: as with the seat, ensure the backrest is optimally aligned for better performance.
  • Max. user weight: 130kg
  • Product weight: 173kg
  • Dimensions: 138 x 97 x 208 cm (L x W x H)

DKN Studio 9000 Exercises

You can perform over 20 different exercises with this multi-gym. Here is a breakdown of them:

  • Cable crunches
  • Low pulley rows
  • Front shoulder raises
  • Lateral shoulder raises
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Narrow grip pulldowns
  • Inner & outer leg kicks
  • Seated shoulder presses
  • Abdominal leg raises
  • Standing biceps curls
  • Standing leg curls
  • Butterflies
  • Seated rows
  • + more

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Additional information

Specification: DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym



No. of Weight Stacks


Weight Loading Type


Max User Weight

130 kg

Product Weight

176 kg

Weight Stack (kgs)

75 kg

DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym Videos

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for DKN Studio 9000 Multi Gym

4.9 out of 5
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