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Concept 2 Rower Machine Model D with PM5 Console

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Concept 2 Rowing Machine Model D

The Concept 2 Model D is, hands down, the most popular rowing machine in the world, today. To put things in perspective, we collated reviews from every retailer we found. Out of 317 user reviews from Argos, Decathlon, Powerhouse Fitness, & Rogue, EVERONE rated it 5 out of 5.

In total, we found 588 online user reviews. This incredible rowing machine scored a jaw-dropping 4.97 out of 5, with only 6 people giving it less than 5 stars. That’s an unprecedented 98.8% of users giving it full marks.

At Fitness Savvy, not only can you compare prices on the Concept 2 Model D, but see how it compares to other rowers, find discount codes, watch videos, and read the pros and cons (although, spoiler alert, the cons were difficult to find!)

If you’re in the market for a new or used Concept 2 Rower, or are keen to find it when it is on sale, then check back here. Prices fluctuate regularly, and you’ll find the best prices on UK fitness equipment, right here.

Concept2 Model D Features

So, what makes the Concept 2 Rowing Machine so awesome? Well, here are the facts and features…

Regarded as the “standard” for indoor training, competitive rowers swear by this immense machine – they say “bloody hell, this is AMAZING” or something maybe a little more colourful!

However, this product is not designed strictly for professionals and Olympic-level athletes: with its compact size, and price point, it is a fantastic alternative to exercise bikes for your home gym.


Concept 2 Rower PM5

The PM5 Console

Performance Monitor

The PM5 is an easy to use monitor. Providing accurate data for every row, the backlit display is USB compatible, so you can even store your workout data! The monitor is also adjustable and allows wireless heart rate monitoring. Measure time, distance, stroke rate, calories, watts, and splits.




Ergdata App

The ErgData App

With its ANT+ wireless connectivity and Bluetooth, you can connect the Concept 2 Rower to many heart rate belts, apps, and other fitness devices. The free Concept2 ErgData app will help track workouts and sync with the Concept2 Online Logbook. Third party apps can also be used to provide additional features to help you maximise your efforts and reach your training goals.




Concept 2 Rower Folded

Compact Storage

Mobility & Storage

One of the things we already mentioned was the compact size. Featuring a quick-release frame lock mechanism, the machine easily separates into two pieces for storage. The front foot also includes caster wheels, allowing the fully-assembled machine to be moved with ease. Need help? click here to find out exactly how to assemble this product!



Ergonomic Handle & Adjustable Footrests

Accommodating a wide range of shoe sizes, the adjustable footrests allow for quick and easy positioning. Featuring a 10-degree bend, the ergonomic handle allows rowing with a natural hand and arm position.

Flywheel & Damper

The spiral damper allows users to easily adjust the airflow to the 4.3kg flywheel. This means you can change the stroke to suit your preferred “feel”. This all comes together to minimise noise while maximising smoothness.

Easy Assembly

Within 20 – 30 minutes, the Concept2 Rower can be assembled. It only has 8 screws, along with easy to understand instructions.

Durable & Easy to Maintain

Oiling the chain on fitness equipment can be a nuisance – especially for those who are not great at maintaining their purchases! The nickel plating on the Concept2 rowing machine removes this chore. Not only does it reduce the regularity of oiling, but also retains a smooth ride.

Whether you’re training at a gym, in a hotel or a boathouse, the Concept 2 Rower is built to last. Renowned for their durability and construction, the Concept 2 range of rowing machines can withstand rigorous use with minimal maintenance. Find out more about how to maintain your Concept 2 Model D, here.

Concept 2 Rower Model D Specs

  • Dimensions: 244 x 61 x 36 cm (L x W x H)
  • Seat height: 61 cm (14 inches)
  • Separates into 2 for easy storage
  • Storage dimensions: 64 x 84 x 138 cm
  • Product weight: 26 kg
  • Powder coated finish
  • Max. user weight: 227kg (500lbs)
  • Nickel-plated chain
  • 4.3kg flywheel

Concept2 Discount Codes

If you want to save even more on your Concept 2 Rower purchase, then check out the deals and offers below.

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Concept 2 Rower Reviews & Videos

We don’t really need to say much more about this machine, but we will anyway! So, here are some awesome YouTube videos and reviews, as well as the pros and cons to help you finalise your decision!

  • Sturdy
  • Fantastic connectivity
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Lots of helpful videos on YouTube and Fitness Savvy
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • A wide range of workouts – from beginner to advanced; light workout to intense
  • Spare parts readily available
  • Easy to maintain

  • One user found it uncomfortable
  • The chain was not on properly, as one customer reported. They believed better quality control was needed and gave it only 2 stars for this
  • Black marks can appear on the rail where the seat rollers contact it

Specification: Concept 2 Rower Machine Model D with PM5 Console



Resistance Type


Display/Console Features

Heart Rate

Display Type





Display, Resistance

Owner's Manual

Concept 2 Rower Model D Manual



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