Compare UK supplements prices at Fitness Savvy. Fitness supplements play a big role in sports – especially muscle building (bodybuilding), resistance exercise, and powerlifting. However, most of us end up taking some kind of supplement at some stage – typically a multi-vitamin, iron or vitamin D supplement.

Vitamins & Minerals

When thinking about health and weight loss, people often talk about vitamins but fail to mention the importance of minerals.

Magnesium, zinc and iron are some of the most popular to come to mind. While they are available in everyday foods such as leafy green vegetables, nuts, pulses and grains, it is sometimes hard to get enough. This is when mineral supplements come in handy.

Protein Powder

Whether you’re an amateur weightlifter; a professional powerlifter; a weekend marathon runner or a high-profile sports star, you’re going to need adequate protein intake.

Looking to bulk up? Check out our mass gainers. Cutting down and want to keep hold of your lean muscle mass? You’re probably going to want some diet protein.

Whatever your goal, you’ll find a huge range of protein products including protein shakes, bars and snacks.


One of the most widely studied supplements on the planet is creatine. Alongside BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) it is one of the most common sports supplements on the market. Check out the range and find some useful additions to your gym bag.

Supplement Discount Codes

We’ve got valid supplement voucher codes from top retailers such as Discount Supplements, Monster Supplements, Whether you’re looking for affordable supplements from nutrition masters such as optimum nutrition, PhD, or Grenade, there are always deals to be had.

Head on over to grab some cheap supplements and save yourself some serious money.


We don’t just list supplements on the Fitness Savvy site. You can also find a whole range of healthy foods such as nuts, nut butter, seeds, ready meals, meal replacements and smoothies.

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