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Lifting Weights to Lose Weight

When looking to exercise, weights are not everyone’s first choice when they enter the gym. Instead, many people hop on the treadmill or exercise bike before considering lifting heavy weights.

Unfortunately, cardio exercise alone is not enough. Equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells and weight plates are ideal for building up strength and power and improving your overall body composition.

Carrying more muscle mass will make you look leaner, even if the scales say you weigh the same. Improved body composition has been associated with many health benefits including improved bone density and a slower ageing process.

For this reason, we like to say “weights for weight loss”, because at the end of the day, if you’re losing weight while performing resistance training, you’re going to seriously improve your body composition!

Why Buy Weights?

No longer do you need to worry about putting away the gym weights when you finish! Home weights can be just as good as the ones you find in the gym – is you’ve got the budget for it, of course. That’s why it makes sense to visit Fitness Savvy to ensure you’re getting the very best deals when buying weights and other gym equipment.

Is lifting weights better than cardio? Well, that might be something you’d have to find out. Although, saying that, to be honest, we find that most people who convert to strength and hypertrophy training enjoy going to the gym much more. Don’t get us wrong; smashing out some HIIT (high-intensity interval training) can be fun (if you like torture!) but can get pretty boring.

Free Weights or Weight Machines?

Experienced weightlifters and bodybuilders use weights for both strength and hypertrophy training. This means that lifting weights can help you get stronger, as well as building bigger muscles (hypertrophy), or developing a more “toned” physique.

A well-balanced weightlifting routine will likely involve the use of exercise machines such as the leg press, chest press, or cable crossover, for example.

However, if you’re exclusively using weight machines during your workouts, you need to reconsider your priorities: free weights (such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells) recruit stabiliser muscles which are neglected during machine work. This is why you will find you can lift much heavier weights on a machine than you can with just the barbell or some dumbbell weights.

We highly recommend if you’re using free weights, and for your own safety, that you invest in a squat rack and heavy-duty weight bench that is cable to support both you and the load you are lifting.

You might also find that weightlifting shoes can help towards preventing injury, too.

Weights for Women?

While some people do actively search using the terms “weights for women” “women’s weights” and “ladies weights”, in all honesty, you’re better off looking at the materials (vinyl, cast iron, rubber-coated, etc), the sizes (usually reported in kilograms – kg in the UK, or pounds – lbs in the US), and looking up some YouTube videos or hiring a personal trainer to show you how to use them.

If indeed, you’re looking for something lighter – then a set of 1kg – 10kg weights for beginners would be good. However, you will need to start lifting heavier and heavier loads to see ongoing results. You’re not going to turn into the Hulk overnight. In fact, if you do improve to the point where 10kg dumbbells are not heavy enough for your biceps curls, then great! You’re getting stronger, and I bet your arms look more toned as well!

Where to Buy Weights

You won’t just find weights Amazon sell at Fitness Savvy. So, whether you’re looking to buy cast iron weight sets, Olympic weights, body pump weights, kettlebells – or anything fitness related, your journey starts here, my friend!

At Fitness Savvy, you can compare prices on dumbbells, kettlebells, plates & discs and weighted vests. You’ll find fitness weights for sale from top brands including Bowflex, Eleiko, York, Domyos, and many, many more – so not just any old cheap weights!

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