Boxing Rings

Ding ding! Slap on some gloves and get sparring! Yes, this is a real thing – check out a selection of boxing rings! We appreciate that this is probably aimed at commercial gyms. But hey – if you can’t afford a pool, get the next best thing – a boxing ring!

Choose a size to fit your requirements. Typically you will find them in 12x12ft up to 20x20ft. In addition to strong ropes and varying sizes, a range of flooring options are available, too.

Typical features you will find include:

  • Optional ring size of 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft and 20ft
  • Canvas underlay available in custom colours
  • Soft flooring
  • Strong ropes
  • Lots of variations available to suit your gym

But if you don’t have enough room for an entire boxing ring, Fitness Savvy lists a massive range of boxing and martial arts equipment and accessories you can check out. We’re sure you’ll find something there that is perfect for you.

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