Shrug Bar

Also known as a hex bar or trap bar, the shrug bar is gonna hammer those traps like there’s no tomorrow! And after you finish a hardcore session with one of these bad boys, you’re gonna hope there’s no tomorrow!

If you’ve ever tried shrugging with a regular bar, you might have noticed certain anatomical parts can “interfere” with your lifts. Not good. You can’t get full range of motion, and you’re left wondering why on earth there isn’t a dedicated piece of equipment to deal with the situation. You fantasise about the millions of pounds you’re going to make with your new invention until you go online and realise that the “crotch-chaffe free bar” (as you were going to call it), has already been invented.

It’s not restricted to just shrugs either. Get on the old deadlifts, bent-over rows, shoulder presses and crack on with some stiff-legged deadlifts, too. It’s like a swiss army knife of a bar.

It is a safer option, too – so certainly something which should not be overlooked.

If this isn’t the bar for you, we highly recommend checking out and comparing prices on other specialist bars such as lat bars, triceps pushdown bars and multi-exercise bars.

Body-Solid Olympic Shrug Bar

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- 1% Body-Solid Olympic Shrug Bar

Body-Solid Olympic Shrug Bar

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Body Power Olympic Shrug Bar
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