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We’ve included Nike discount codes from both the main brand’s website, as well as re-sellers who have Nike discount codes, vouchers and offers. So far as we know, we are the only site currently doing this.

Nike Discount Codes & Vouchers

No coupons found. No coupons found.

Expired Nike Promo Codes

The following promo codes may have expired. Although (potentially) no longer valid, these give you the opportunity to see the kinds of deals available from Nike.

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Free Delivery with Nike+!
Get free standard delivery when you sign up to of member...Show More
Get free standard delivery when you sign up to of member service - Nike+ Show Less
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Free Delivery with Nike+!
Get free standard delivery when you sign up to of member...Show More
Get free standard delivery when you sign up to of member service - Nike+ Show Less
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Up to 50% off at the Nike End of Season Sale!
Time to upgrade your wardrobe with the Nike End of Season...Show More
Time to upgrade your wardrobe with the Nike End of Season Sale. Get up to 50% off! Members - 16th June / General Sale - 18th June Show Less
No coupons found.

How To Use Nike Voucher Codes

To use Nike voucher codes listed on Fitness Savvy, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click “Show Code” or “Get Deal”.
  2. The Get Deal option will take you to the correct Nike deal page to view the offer.
  3. When you click the “Show Code” option, the promotional code will be revealed.
  4. Click the code, and this will automatically copy it for you.
  5. Click “Go to Offer”. This will take you to the Nike offers page where you can view the promotions.
  6. Add products to your basket.
  7. Go to checkout.
  8. Paste the discount code and apply to your order.
  9. Have a nice cup of tea, or coffee, or water, or protein shake, and feel satisfied that you’ve just got the best Nike prices.

About Nike UK

The Nike logo is one of the most instantly recognisable in the world – and perhaps the universe! At Fitness Savvy, you will find Nike sportswear from top retailers including Schuh, Spartoo, Sports Direct, Amazon, and ActivInstinct. This makes Fitness Savvy the best place to start your search!

A Brief History of Nike

Nike (originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports), was founded in 1964 by track athlete Phil Knight, and his coach, Bill Bowerman. It’s hard to believe, but these guys began by selling Japanese shoes from Phil’s car at track meetings!

In 1966, the boys opened a retail outlet on Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica. The days of selling Japanese shoes from the trunk of a car were now gone. The business rapidly expanded, and by 1967 had begun distributing along the East Coast, in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

The distribution relationship with the Japanse shoemaker, Onitsuka Tiger (now know as ASICS) came to an end in 1971, and the first footwear bearing the famous Swoosh logo was released. By 1980 they commanded a 50% share of the US athletic shoe market.

Nike now has offices based in 45 countries around the world. However, production is centralised in Asia, with China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and Pakistan manufacturing most of their goods.

At the time of writing (May 2018) Nike is worth an estimated $29.6 Billion.

How do You Pronounce “Nike”?

Have you been having sleepless nights, scared that you might have been pronouncing Nike wrong your whole life? Do your friends laugh and point at you when you speak the name while chanting “you’re wrong, you’re wrong!” Firstly, if they do, get new friends! Secondly, if you’ve been wondering how to say this famous brand name, we’re going to tell you how – so no more sleepless nights.

It’s quite simple, really. Nike is named after the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, which is pronounced “Ni-key”. However, even though this is common knowledge, people still refuse to accept that this as the correct pronunciation of the popular brand name.

However, in 2014, the matter of how to say Nike was finally settled, after two students wrote to the chairman, Philip Knight, to ask for clarification. He returned their letter, circling the “Ni-key” version.

Now you know how to pronounce it. You’re welcome!

Why Visit Fitness Savvy Rather than Nike, directly?

This is a good question, and one which is easily answered: The sportswear and fitness equipment business is highly competitive – you probably already know this. Deals, prices and offers are constantly appearing and changing across multiple sites every day.

In some instances, groups of companies who sell the same product lines have the items at different prices on each of their sites. Just because Nike happen to have 40% off today, doesn’t necessarily mean that the items you need are cheaper direct from them.

When putting Fitness Savvy together, we manually checked thousands of fitness products, their prices, and where to buy them from. One day, Amazon would have the best price, the next day it would be Nike.

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