How To Build Your Muscles Up Without Using Any Equipment

Several people are keen on building muscles and losing any excess fat that they gain from eating the food that they love. While some people do this to ensure that they are fit and healthy, other people aim to build muscles for certain sports competitions that call for it. Others also intend to build muscles to become more visually pleasing as their job roles entail the need for it. Regardless of the reason why you intend to build your muscles, below are some of the most viable means that you can do so, without having to use any weights or equipment.


One of the most common exercises that can build your muscles is doing push-ups. Through this exercise, you will be able to tone your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core. Some can perform a push-up in a position that is parallel to the ground. However, in case you find this too difficult, you can start by pushing against a countertop while you are in an inclined position. Keep on challenging yourself until you can perform more difficult variants of this exercise.

To inspire you to perform different types of push-up workouts, you can install fitness apps that you can install on your smartphone. In this case, you may come across play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spartanbodyweightworkouts.free, which is a free home workout app that won’t require you to use any equipment to build your muscles. In this app, you will find simple but effective workout routines that involve push-ups and other muscle building and strengthening exercises.


If you intend to build your core muscles, then you should consistently perform crunches, which don’t require the use of any fancy gym equipment. With a strong core, you are most likely to have an overall body strength. All you need to do to perform crunches is to lie on a mat or a carpeted surface for comfort, with your knees bent, allowing you to place your feet flat on the floor. Lift your shoulders using your abdominal muscles and you should be able to feel some tension. This is a good indication that your core muscles are working.


You can begin with the easy version of squats, effectively progressing to more challenging ones over time. For a proper posture though, you should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Your arms can either be stretched in front of you or placed at the back of your head. When you bend your knees, your chest should still be up and your back should still be flat, remaining in a neutral position at all times. In this case, you will feel the tension on your leg muscles, which means that they are being worked out effectively.

Running, Jogging, or Walking

You don’t need an expensive treadmill or elliptical machine to tone your leg and core muscles through running, jogging, or walking. While this is seen as more of a cardio workout rather than a muscle-strengthening exercise, running, jogging, or walking will still prove to be beneficial in building your muscles and reducing fat. Just look at triathletes and cyclists. Most of the time, they focus on cardio exercises but they have lean muscles and amazing abs.

Other Bodyweight Exercises

Man runningYou can also perform other bodyweight exercises that are mostly variations of the exercises listed above. For instance, rather than doing your usual push-ups, you can try doing a set of one-armed push-ups instead. There is also the option for you to try a piston squat or even planking. These are advanced versions of the basic ones that usually require high body tension, which eventually leads to immense muscle gain. The best part is that apart from not needing any equipment to enhance your training, you can even do all of these while you are at home.

To complement the workout routines that you perform to build your muscles, make sure to take in more proteins, as well as increase your carb intake. You also need to eat sufficient fats that you can get from healthy foods such as avocados and nuts.

Even without using any gym equipment or weights, there is a great chance for you to build your muscles through the exercises listed above. The key is in training passionately and to keep on challenging yourself. You also need to make it a habit to track your daily workouts and take proper rest in between rigorous exercises. All these are geared towards helping you achieve the body that you want in no time, even without the use of any fancy equipment.

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