High Protein Recipes That are Perfect for Bodybuilding

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People who feel discouraged by the prohibitive costs of high-protein diets have reasons to cheer.

There are indeed several recipe options open to you which supplement your bodybuilding activities. Such dishes and their constituent food items are surprisingly affordable as well.

The affordability comes when you learn to look beyond the usual meat options for your protein diet. A strategy is an essential part to successfully enjoy a high-protein diet when you are short on money.

It will be an excellent idea for you to skip packaged high-protein foods like shakes and bars besides exploring additional protein food options other than meats. It also helps to know the kind of protein you are looking for while visiting stores. Comparing prices is another essential thing for you to do necessary to spot great deals.

Options Open To You Other Than Meats

One of the first options that should be mentioned while talking about affordable high-protein sources is quinoa. It is a seed that serves to do duty as grain foods like rice, pasta, and oatmeal. It is indeed true that quinoa comes with many carbohydrates, too, amounting to 62gms per half a cup of the seed. But its protein content is still significantly higher than other foods and stands at 10gms per half-cup.

However, the main thing that makes quinoa stand out is its surprising affordability despite its popularity. If you are shopping for organic quinoa at grocery stores, you can get a one-pound bag for less than five dollars. If you buy in bulk, the costs will come down further. One pound of quinoa should give you five half-cup servings. If you were to replace the same with cooking servings of chicken or steak in a pressure cooker, it would cost you a whole lot more. Quinoa stands out in this respect by its affordability and versatile usage as food.

One of the things that add to quinoa’s advantages is its suitability for both sweet and savoury recipes. You can make a delightful dessert or a similarly excellent hot cereal by adding some sweetening or fruit. You can also use it for salads, giving it some needed protein and texture. Lastly, quinoa makes up for healthy baking serving as the perfect ingredient for the same.

Another great option is Greek yoghurt. One cup of Greek yoghurt provides you with as much as 14gms of protein, which is nearly two times the amount for other types of yoghurt. Greek yoghurt comes with several health benefits and also consists of a significantly lesser amount of sugar. Still, you should check product labels to make sure. When you buy packaged fruit-on-the-bottom yoghurts, they are likely to contain a significant amount of sugar syrup, and you will be best off by avoiding the same. Instead, opt for honey, vanilla, and plain yoghurt, and then choose to add other ingredients as per your taste and preferences.

Another staple part of an affordable high-protein diet is eggs. One egg will cost you 10 cents and provide you with 4-6 gms of protein. People reluctant to consume cholesterol and fat can choose to two eat two egg whites and get 7-10 gms of protein with zero fat or cholesterol.


Ok, so let’s come to the great recipes you can use to create some excellent high-protein dishes for yourself. These are as follows:

Peppered Chicken With Brown Rice

You can enjoy all the taste and flavour that comes with your favourite takeout dish without the salt, fat, and costs associated with this dish. It will take you about twenty minutes to cook, and you can easily get two servings by spending about six dollars. Here is the recipe you were asking for.

Yogurt Parfait With Quinoa

If you are looking for a charming breakfast or dessert or snack, then the dish is a great option you can consider. It does need some preparation, however, and you need to cook the quinoa beforehand. Remember to reheat your quinoa before you prepare the parfait.

Omelette Sandwich

A good breakfast makes up for a good, healthy diet. People pressed for time often skip breakfast, which they really should not. This big breakfast is surprisingly affordable, costing you about $1.50, and does justice to not only your morning hunger but to that of your afternoon and evening as well.

Chicken Hummus Wrap

Are you looking for a quick meal that you can take with yourself to places like gyms? Then, this wrap is meant for you. This recipe stands out, particularly from its versatility. Adding veggies to it lets you spruce up your lunch with some additional fibre.

Peach Smoothie

Peach Smoothie

This variety of smoothie gathers its protein powers from Greek yoghurt. It makes up for a great snack or breakfast, and you can prepare it in a real jiffy. It tastes as good as any smoothie offered at a local bar at a significantly lesser cost. If you can find frozen peaches on sales, you can prepare one for less than two dollars.

Both workouts and healthy, nutritious diets are necessary to let your bodybuilding activities soar to the next level. And protein is an essential part of such diets. This article gets you acquainted with familiar natural protein sources that you can use without spending a lot of money. Hope it helps!

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