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Essential Fatty Acids Supplements – Know the Facts

Essential fatty acids supplements - I’ve heard a lot about them. However, even though the word "essential" is right there in front of me, I have not taken the time to consider how essential they really are. I don't eat fish (which is often mentioned when the subject arises) and my joints ache every ...

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Thinking About a Dirty Bulk? Well, Think Again…

You may have heard that bulking is a bodybuilding necessity, and that it doesn't have to be "clean". In some cases, this might be true. But for most of us, this is not a great idea. Here is my dirty bulk story. I've just completed a 3-month dirty bulk. Nothing was off limits, so long as I hit my ...

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Post Workout Shake – Whey vs Casein – Shaking up the Truth

What makes up your post workout shake? Whey or casein protein? Chances are, it’s whey, followed up by a casein protein shake later on before bed. But is casein in a post workout shake really that bad? Should we question the Gym Bible that says whey after training, casein before sleep? Well yes, we ...

Low-Carb Vegetables – Our Top 7

Low-carb vegetables? Uh? Carbs are pasta and bread, right? Well, yes, but if we’re looking to eat a low-carb (probably high protein) diet, then we also need to take a look at the veggie section on our plates too. Aside from the one we all know (and love), (potatoes), many vegetables are high on the ...

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Build Muscle and Burn Fat – Body Recomposition Facts

The holy grail of fitness is to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. But is body recomposition possible, or is it another fitness myth? This is an issue that has perplexed man for as long as time itself. But not anymore: Fitness Savvy is here to tell you that it is entirely possible, and have ...

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Best Pre-Workout Supplements – What To Look For

The best pre-workout supplements can help get you serious gains, along with the right diet, and the right workouts. Because if you’re working out and putting in all the effort, you’ll probably want all the results too. But what are the best pre-workout supplements, and how do they work? Well, you ...

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