CBD Products: Oil or Capsules?

CBD Products: Oil or Capsules

The most popular forms of CBD are oils and capsules. Are you wondering which one of these is the right choice for you? Then give this article a read.

CBD products are quite popular in the wellness market; they provide herbal remedies that can be used to reduce pain, help cope with anxiety, or even stimulate your appetite. If you’re unwilling to consult a doctor for these problems, then these substances may be worth a try. Though both come from the cannabis “family,” they are in fact quite different. Here, we give you a brief understanding of what they are and afterwards compare the two supplements to give you an idea which is most closely aligned with your preferences. But first, let’s get you familiar with what CBD capsules and the oil inside them are.

What Are CBD Capsules?

Capsules conveniently deliver CBD into your system via your body’s digestive system. This substance does not contain THC, the other substance extracted from hemp plants, which is known for causing people to feel “high.” The strength of CBD capsules depends on the dosage inside the capsule, which comes in different variations to suit the needs of individuals. We suggest staying between five to twenty mg if you’re just starting out. The capsule should only be used as an element of well-being instead of medical treatment as there is not much scientific evidence for its medical application.

The Use of CBD Capsules

CBD is becoming viewed as a possible treatment for seizures. People may also use it for physical pain reduction and helping with mental problems such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Whether or not CBD can help with these is not supported by conclusive medical research; however, the herbal remedy may be worth a try if you’re stubborn about not visiting a doctor. This can also be used to stimulate your appetite; if you are struggling with an eating disorder, CBD capsules may just be the push you need. CBD may also help with muscle development as it helps achieve greater levels of REM sleep. Further research will determine its safety and benefits.

The Side Effects of CBD Capsules

As said earlier, CBD still requires a lot of research, and it does have some side effects. Though usually well tolerated if given the appropriate dosage (200mg daily has been used safely for up to 13 weeks), side effects can emerge; your mouth can become dry, or you may experience diarrhea, fatigue, or drowsiness. Interactions between other medications you may be taking and CBD may occur, and you may also experience low blood pressure. If these side effects do occur, we recommend lowering the dosage and stopping completely if the problem persists.

How CBD Capsules Are Made

The hemp plant is a botanical class of the cannabis sativa, usually cultivated for industrial or medical needs. The oil is extracted using ethanol, CO2, and other methods. Manufacturers then package the substance into gelatin-based shells to make either a hard or soft gel capsule.

Price and Availability of CBD Capsules

One shortcoming of the item is that it is a relatively new product in the market. This, in turn, makes it expensive; it could not be made prior to the legalization of hemp in 2018. Furthermore, the product must be kept away from children unless prescribed by a medical professional.

Oil vs Capsules

Now that you’re up to speed with what CBD capsules are, it’s time to dive into the main point: Which is better, capsules or oil?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is basically what is put inside the capsules, but the process is somewhat different.

Inside the Body

CBD capsules are like any other pills; you just gulp them down with a sip of water. This sends it into the digestive system, from where it travels through your body via the bloodstream.

Cannabidiol, however, has a different process entirely. Taken as a few droplets under the tongue, it is absorbed, avoiding the process of passing through the digestive system, heading straight to the bloodstream.

Which Is More Convenient?

As previously mentioned, the methods of intake for the two are quite different. Capsules are convenient and can be taken anywhere, as long as you have access to water. Taking the oil usually requires using a dropper to measure the amount you are taking to prevent miscalculations.

Potency and Effectiveness

Both the products are pretty much in the same price range. But if you wish to get the best deal for your money, then you should most likely go for the cannabidiol. This is because a higher amount of the substance actually enters your bloodstream since a lot of it can be lost in the digestive process from the CBD capsules.

Taking it sublingually is much quicker and more effective than taking a capsule. The tincture also has more versatility in the sense that you can drop a bit of it into almost any beverage and even while cooking. CBD oil also comes in several different flavors so that the smell of hemp does not remain in the final product. The capsules, however, are more convenient when it comes to dosages since you won’t have to bother with measuring them.

The Right One for You

After all of this discussion, we finally come to the point that matters to you most: Which suits you more? Well, that is quite literally based on your personal preference. Suppose you just finished doing some cardio. You now have two choices: either hit the bed or take a shower, have some food, then go to sleep. If you’re the type to go the second route, then a capsule is for you since the effect is likely to kick in quickly and won’t completely relax your body instantly to the point where you no longer feel like doing anything but rest. A full stomach is also likely to make the effect of the capsule stronger.

On the other hand, if you think that you have another long day ahead of you or perhaps you’ve done everything you usually do before the workout, then the oil is for you. Hitting fast, it’ll relax your mind and muscles, allowing you to have a very relaxing sleep. You can consider having a small bit of oil mixed with your coffee in the morning to slightly ease the hardships of the day.

Caution Is a Must!

With all that being said, it is highly important for you to consult a medical professional before buying these products as they can alter your moods, thoughts, appetite, and even make the memories of before and after taking them quite hazy. Although you cannot overdose on this recreational substance, and it is not addictive, it may still be harmful with some instances of serious issues as lethal as amplifying Parkinson’s disease. People with liver-related diseases should also refrain from using high doses.

Hence, we strongly recommend making sure you don’t have physical issues which may be exacerbated by the supplement. Please stay away from these unless you are an adult or have been prescribed by your physician and even then, it is best not to become dependent on them.

In Conclusion

It is purely based on your preferences and lifestyle when it comes to picking between these two CBD-based products. Hopefully, they can bring a mental as well as a physical balance into your life. You do not necessarily have to choose between the two since both serve the same purpose; keep the tincture reserved to go with some food and drinks at home when you are able to relax and take the capsules with you when you are running around from place to place on a busy workday. This way you will have CBD whenever you feel like the stress is overwhelming. We hope these products serve you well and keep you healthy for as long as possible.

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