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Chest workouts are, by far, what my clients ask most about when it comes to having a sesh. We plan it like it's our first holiday without our folks; we ...


Gym workouts? Park workouts? Online and at-home workouts? The modern fitness enthusiast has a large pool to pick from when it comes to having a good ...


The strict press (also known as the military press, overhead press, and shoulder press) is what most people refer to as the overhead shoulder press. Did you ...


Trying to achieve a perfect V-shaped body? Don't forget the importance of your traps by incorporating dumbbell shrugs. While it's undeniable that a wide ...


Perhaps the king of all the rows is the classic barbell row. While its status as "ruler of the row" is undeniable, it has limitations - as does every exercise ...


If you’re anything like me, dumbbell back exercises are one of the most satisfying things in existence. Sure, chest day is great, and the less said about ...

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