Best Back Exercises & Workouts

Here you will find a list of all the best back workouts and exercises for gaining strength and building muscle. Whether you’re working out at home, or in the gym, you’ll find upper and lower back workouts with and without weights.

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It’s no secret that our back is what gives us strength. In one way or another, it’s the part of our body that we use the most in our everyday lives. If you ...


The strict press (also known as the military press, overhead press, and shoulder press) is what most people refer to as the overhead shoulder press. Did you ...


Trying to achieve a perfect V-shaped body? Don't forget the importance of your traps by incorporating dumbbell shrugs. While it's undeniable that a wide ...


Perhaps the king of all the rows is the classic barbell row. While its status as "ruler of the row" is undeniable, it has limitations - as does every exercise ...


If you’re anything like me, dumbbell back exercises are one of the most satisfying things in existence. Sure, chest day is great, and the less said about ...

Best Back Workouts & Exercises

If you’re looking to build a bigger back then you’ll need to include back workouts and exercises.

On this page, you will find good back workouts with dumbbells which you can do at home or in the gym.

You can also select which are of the back you wish to target, so simply head to our lower back exercises page to find workouts to target the lower back, the middle back exercises roundup includes a range of workouts dedicated to the middle of your back and upper back workouts include some exciting moves for the upper back.

Remember, you can also compare prices on back machines and other equipment to workout your back muscles.

Back Muscles

The main muscles people look to work in their back are the lats, traps and rear delts.

The king of all back exercises is the deadlift. Not only does this awesome workout target the entire back, but the entire posterior chain, too! If you’re not yet including deadlifts in your workout, then why not?! We suggest adding them right away.

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