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Steelflex Plate Loaded Tricep Extension

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Steelflex understands that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing fitness equipment for your home or commercial gym. However, with their impressive collection of cardio and strength training equipment, they make products that stand their ground. Equipment bearing the Steelflex brand, with its exceptional build, durability and value is perfect for commercial gyms and offices, too. With this brand, you get quality.


How about product range? Well that’s impressive, too. High-quality plate for your barbell? Check. Sturdy and well-built rack for your dumbbells? Check. Plate loaded machines? Check. Adjustable weight benches? Check. But that’s not all: In addition to the awesome range of strength equipment and accessories, you’ll find elliptical trainers, cross trainers and other cardio gear.


So why choose Steelflex, we hear you scream? Simple: Mechanical integrity and advanced technology are blended to produce a set of world class fitness machines. In conclusion, you can either choose cheap, poorly built goods, or you can choose quality and integrity. It’s your choice.

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