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If you’re looking for award winning fitness equipment, trusted by the most famous brands around, you’re in safe hands with Sole Fitness. Their patented Easy Assist Folding Deck Design is the reason many people choose to buy a Sole Treadmill. In addition to their various ground-breaking patents, this forward-thinking company collaborate with physios and fitness enthusiasts to ensure they produce the best products on the market.


Cardio is the main course over at Sole Fitness. So you’ll find all the usual suspects. However, here we tell you what sets them apart:


Treadmills – their patented Easy Assist Folding Deck makes these treadmills super easy to pack away. A recent study found their cushion flex deck to reduce impact of up to 40% compared to running on asphalt.


Ellipticals – Sole Fitness recognise that not everyone walks the same way. For this reason they have made the E95 pedals adjustable to fit the way you walk.


Exercise Bikes – comfort is king here. So no expense was spared creating the most comfortable bikes on the market. From the adjustable gel seats to the whisper quiet magnetic resistance, you will always enjoy a comfortable and quiet workout.


Indoor Cycles – as with the exercise bikes, comfort takes priority again. The adjustable seat and handlebars move vertically and horizontally, allowing a user to find just the right settings for a great workout.


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