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Flabelos Machine Vibration Plate

The Flabelos Machine is the home vibration plate. But what are vibration plates, we hear you cry. Well, if you’ve never heard of a vibration plate, we’ll explain it here.


Basically, as the vibration plate moves around, your body is forced to try and stabilise. The speed and direction keeps changing. In effect, this creates involuntary muscle contraction. Most of the movement is absorbed in the pelvis, minimising head shake.


Using a Flabelos Machine may improve strength and power. In addition, it may help with flexibility and range of motion – important factors in other exercises.


Be aware that some studies have found that vibrations can cause issues such as nausea, fatigue and visual disturbances. So if you’re someone who might suffer from these kinds of effects, maybe check one out in person first!


However, if you’re already convinced, then check out some of the vibration plates and grab yourself a deal. You’re in the right place for it!


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