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Junior Adjustable Free Standing Speed Ball

Junior Adjustable Free Standing Speed Ball

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Mad equipment is the choice of many leading gyms, health clubs and studios. And it is not hard to see why: Whatever aspect of your fitness or well-being you wish to improve, be it speed, agility, balance, core stability or strength, there is a Fitness Mad product to help. In addition to standard fitness items, they produce a wide range of Yoga and Pilates equipment, too. Their aim is to combine high performance with value for money. It is likely they are called Fitness Mad because of the sheer crazy number of products that they produce. No, seriously, it is crazy! We normally use this section to provide a run-down of the types of gear you can expect to find. But we're not going to bother here. You'll find everything from skipping ropes, yoga mats and boxing gloves, to weight lifting belts, trampolines, foam rollers and hand weights.
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