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Anabolic Designs Tauro Test V2 – 63 Caps

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Anabolic Designs

Anabolic Designs describe themselves as one of the fastest growing sports nutritional brands in the USA. Offering a wide range of supplements including amino acids, carbs and testosterone boosters, this company knows exactly what the customer wants. And it’s determined to deliver.


You’ll find that their product range is divided into two categories: Elite Series and Wellness Series. So here’s a little bit about what they are:


Elite series – here you’ll find the sports supplement staples: Aminotaur Essential is their flagship BCAA supp, Shredabull untamed is a powerful fat burner, and Taurotest is a test booster, and in Anabolic Design’s words: “the strongest all Natural system to be unleashed onto the bodybuilding community”.


Wellness series – this is all about healthy organs and immune system. You’ll find superfoods, liver detox, in addition to cardio health goods here.


So why should you care? Well, AD are endorsed by a whole host of successful and active competitive bodybuilders. Such names include Brad Rowe, Sasan Heirati & Sarah Sweeney.


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