Best Workout Routines & Exercises

Check out the very best workout routines and exercises, right here at Fitness Savvy. Choose your workout by equipment or body part and remember to comment and rate the workouts with a thumbs up or down to help others discover the best workout routines around.

Workout By Body Part

Fitness Savvy has prepared exercise plans and workout guides for all body parts. When you click the “By Body Part” button you’ll get a range of workouts such as:

These gym routines and workout plans are suitable for all levels – from beginner to advanced. We’ve also discovered another resource with lots of useful workout plans – so check them out, too.

If you’re looking to build muscle, you might also benefit by reading some of our bodybuilding articles. If weight loss is your goal, try the losing weight section.

Workout By Equipment Type

Sometimes you might want to find workouts by specific equipment types.

We’ve also categorised our exercise and workout plans by equipment type.

When you click the “By Equipment” button, you’ll find a range of workouts tailored as follows:

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