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Best Spin Bikes 2022

Best Spin Bikes 2022

Welcome to Fitness Savvy’s Best Spin Bikes Buying Guide. Fitness Savvy is a price comparison website, so if we find more than one price for a product you will see it here without having to “click to see best price” which we know is infuriating – grrrrr!

However, that said, we earn a commission if you do click through and buy, and that is how we fund this website, so if you do find the guide useful, you can click straight to the retailer and check out more info.

We’ve covered the benefits and types of spin bikes and how we calculated the scores. That said, if you want to just jump down and start reading the reviews, you can do so by clicking here.

How We Calculated Scores

Here is how we decided on the best spin bikes. We looked at the bike’s features – maximum user weight, resistance levels, features (bottle and tablet holder) warranty – that kind of thing – and then weighted it by price.

For example, you wouldn’t expect a £299 spin bike to have the same features as a £999 one, but is it still worth the money? Well, we have taken that into account.

We then combined this score with the average customer scores online to give each bike a “Savvy Score”, so you can rest assured that we have highlighted the best bikes.

What is a Spin Bike?

A spin bike is a type of exercise bike. While you might think that an exercise bike is an exercise bike, you’d be wrong.

The main types of exercise bikes are:

  • Folding exercise bikes – these are usually cheaper and can easily fold away to save on space.
  • Recumbent exercise bikes – these bikes allow the user to sit back in the seat while pedalling.
  • Spinning bikes – these are the ones you normally find in your local gym. They use a flywheel and resistance (usually magnetic) and look very much like a real bike.
  • Upright exercise bikes – these are usually quite cheap and the rider will sit more upright when riding – as the name suggests.

Spinning bikes are the closest to actual bikes. Some even have chains and cranks, and when you combine them with the latest apps, you can cycle pretty much anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

They are typically more expensive than folding exercise bikes, however, the riding experience will be better.

Most people think of spinning bikes when they picture an exercise bike, and they are the most popular variety.

Best Spin Bikes

Here is our list of the best spin bikes for 2022. We’ve narrowed it down to just 6 bikes to fit all budgets. You can also check out our popular guides such as Best Folding Exercise Bikes and Best Treadmills.


JTX Cyclo 6

JTX Cyclo 6 Exercise Bike

Receiving a Savvy Score of 9.8 out of 10, the Clyco 6 is a studio-quality spin bike from fitness equipment manufacturer, JTX. Incorporating a heavy, 22kg flywheel, this exercise bike is super smooth, well-balanced, and quiet.

Thanks to the Quadri-Set Adjustment System, the Cyclo 6 offers a range of positioning options. This allows users to create better posture and alignment to help maximise performance and minimise discomfort.

Weighing in at 63 kg, it is clear from the outset that this bike is built to studio standards while being priced for home use. The large flywheel and heavy-duty frame combine to make this machine exceptionally sturdy, quiet, and smooth.

  • Several reviewers report this bike as being the best one they have ever purchased.
  • Reviewers said that the customer service from JTX is exceptional. Any reviewer who had an issue was dealt with in a friendly and prompt manner, with replacements being sent.
  • The seat is comfortable, according to the majority of reviewers. Those who were not happy with the seat were able to easily add a gel saddle cover to improve their comfort.
  • Easy to set up, though some people (and the instructions) suggest having two people assemble it. It tends to take around 30 minutes for those choosing to do it alone.
  • The item arrives very well packaged.
  • Great value product, packing features you might normally find in gym-quality fitness equipment, all at a reasonable price.

  • With sturdiness and the solid build comes the weight – quite a few customers mentioned how heavy it was, however, drew attention to the wheels which made it easy to move around once assembled.
  • The minimum saddle height might still be too high for some users. This was partly due to an Allen type screw preventing the saddle moving lower, so this buyer needed to purchase the key to remove the screw to allow the saddle to move low enough to comfortably use.
  • The heart rate sensors are not positioned optimally, according to one reviewer.

Compare Prices for the JTX Cyclo 6


JTX Cyclo Studio

JTX Cyclo Studio Indoor Training Bike

JTX is currently smashing it in the home fitness equipment market with their high-quality gym-standard equipment which is priced for home use.

The fact that they occupy both first and second place in our best spinning bikes for 2022 goes to show how great this company is!

The JTX Cyclo Studio is a gym standard indoor training bike that lets you bring the spinning class to your home. By combining customer reviews with our own expert analysis, we’ve awarded this spin bike a Savvy Score of 9.7 out of 10.

The stainless steel frame is durable and withstands regular use so riders can rely on it to get through daily workouts. Packed with advanced features, it allows users to push themselves to the limit without compromising comfort. An adjustable seat and handles let you customise the bike for correct form and effective exercise.

For a smooth, balanced ride, a large flywheel is essential for indoor training bikes. and the JTX Cyclo is fitted with a 25kg perimeter-weighted Max Traction™ flywheel. It offers balance while helping users to enjoy a smooth 360-degree pedal stroke which simulates the feeling of road riding.

The easy-to-read advanced monitor displays essential fitness stats so you can keep an eye on your progress and move closer towards your goal with each ride. Meanwhile, the magnetic resistance ensures that every ride is smooth and safe. The ergonomically positioned tablet holder prevents users from straining their necks while the convenient dual bottle holders let you keep your beverage close by at all times.

  • Many avid spinning fanatics loved how it offers reliable, smooth action and is quiet when in operation.
  • Most riders felt safe when increasing their speed and getting out of the saddle due to the bike’s sturdy construction.
  • It is suitable for all individuals no matter their weight or fitness level.
  • A couple of heavyset users were impressed with how well it supported them and held up under their weight.
  • The resistance is reliable, and one customer reported that it is perfect for HIIT.
  • One reviewer commented that it is just as good as the commercial spinning bikes they have used at the gym.
  • Numerous customers said that setting it up is effortless thanks to the instructions and tools included.
  • It comes with a tablet holder and a dual bottle holder which many people said great was for longer training sessions.

  • One buyer was disappointed with the console, considering the high price of the bike, and described it as “basic”.
  • A handful of people were disappointed with the lack of a back-light for the console screen.
  • It is expensive and not ideal for buyers on a tight budget.
  • Some reviewers suggested that a digital view of the tensions levels and a power meter would be great additions.

Compare Prices for the JTX Cyclo Studio


JLL IC400 Elite

JLL IC400 Elite Indoor Exercise Bike

We’ve given the stylish JLL IC400 a Savvy Score of 9.3 out of 10. The super-sleek, aesthetically pleasing shape of the JLL IC400 Elite Indoor Bike make this a showpiece in any home. It looks like it belongs on the cardio room floor in an exclusive gym, but it’s actually for home use.

The JLL IC400 features a 20kg flywheel for a smooth ride, with adjustable resistance. The large LED monitor displays all the most important information such as time, speed, distance, calories burned as well as pulse and target heart rate. This makes tracking your progress during cardio workouts easier. The seat is fully adjustable, it has rollers to make re-positioning in the home easy, and an emergency stop system for extra safety.

When compared with the JTX models, it is clear that this one has a smaller flywheel, a less favourable warranty and but at just £400 (at the time of writing) this is definitely a great option for those who can’t quite stretch their budgets to get one of the JTX models.

  • Solid build quality, as reported by numerous reviewers.
  • Quiet operation
  • Features a good level of resistance control

  • One customer said that the bottle position is not ideal
  • A little heavy for moving around and taking upstairs
  • No phone or MP3 holder
  • The seat is not very comfortable, according to an Amazon customer.

Compare Prices for the JLL IC400 Elite


Life Fitness IC7

Life Fitness IC7 Spinning Bikes

In a nutshell, the Life Fitness IC7 is an indoor spinning bike, designed to feel like a real road bike. Perfect for both commercial and home gym set-ups, this spinning bike looks and feels great, and is built with cosmetics, performance, and safety in mind.

By combining customer reviews (which gave this machine an incredible 4.7 our of 5) with our expert analysis, we’ve awarded the IC7 a Savvy Score of 9.3 out of 10.

In addition to its two-stage drivetrain and engaging digital experience, this spin bike includes a highly accurate WattRate Power Meter. With 100-level magnetic resistance, the IC7 truly is a state-of-the-art indoor cycle.

The price of this spinning bike is much higher than others in this series, but you have to consider the build quality. This machine is built using the highest grade materials, by one of the world’s most trusted fitness brands, and this machine is designed for commercial use.

The advanced computer measures using WATTs which is the best way of measuring your progress. We certainly recommend clicking through on some of the retailers below to look up the detailed specs of this model and to read what some customers are saying about it.

  • 100 resistance levels
  • Self-powered – the display console is self-powered so you don’t need to plug anything in or use batteries.
  • Commercial quality – designed for commercial  use
  • Comfortable – unrivalled comfort
  • Durable
  • Dynamic
  • Easy To Use
  • Quiet

  • Uncomfortable elbow rest
  • No race grips on handlebars

Compare Prices for the Life Fitness IC7


BodyMax B2

Bodymax B2

The Bodymax B2 Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike is an awesome piece of kit, and likely one of the best bikes you will get for less than £300.

The combination of price and features allowed us to award the Bodymax B2 a Savvy Score of 9.1 out of 10.

Featuring an LCD monitor, adjustable seat and handlebars, as well as a heavy, 13 kg flywheel for a smooth ride, this exercise bike from Bodymax packs more features than you would expect from a cardio machine in this price category.

For those on a tight budget, we highly recommend this BodyMax spin bike. At the time of writing it is only £299 and you can’t expect much at that price, however, this product delivers with a decent sized flywheel, great aesthetics and features such as a bottle holder and transport wheels.

The old saying goes that you get what you pay for, but with the B2 it really does seem like you get more than you are paying for!

  • A sturdy piece of equipment, according to the majority of users.
  • Many reviewers commended how easy it is to assemble.
  • A great value exercise bike.
  • Looks the part.

  • Quite heavy.
  • Display not labelled as well as it could be.
  • Can be noisy – especially at the higher resistance levels.
  • Not great for those over 6 feet tall, or under 5 feet tall. Check the leg measurements earlier on in this product description for better estimates.

Compare Prices for the BodyMax B2


JLL IC300 Pro


The JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is excellent, especially considering the price point. Looking like a spin bike from the cardio room floor at your local gym, this will look good anywhere in your home.  If you’re looking for a spinning workout in your own home, at a reasonable price, this product might just fit the bill.

This is the only machine in our rankings that scored less than 9 out of 10 – but only just – getting a respectable Savvy Score of 8.9.

Featuring a 20kg flywheel, with adjustable magnetic resistance, the JLL IC300 offers a smooth ride. Displaying all the most essential information on a big LED monitor, the IC300 tracks time, speed, distance, calories burned as well as pulse and target heart rate. Also, this indoor bike includes rollers to help move it around your house and an emergency brake system for extra added safety.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Quiet operation (to begin with, see cons)
  • Perfect for beginners or those with a casual approach
  • Solid and sturdy

  • Can get noisy after a few months of regular use
  • Dealing with JLL can be tiresome and costly
  • Resistance is not powerful

Compare Prices for the JLL IC300 Pro

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Best Spin Bikes By Price Range

If you’re looking for the best spinning bike by price range, we’ve got you covered. Here you’ll find:

  • The Best Spin Bikes Under £300
  • The Best Spin Bikes Under £500
  • The Best Spin Bikes Under £1000

So here is the list…

Best Spin Bike Under £300

As already covered in this list, the BodyMax B2 is the best spinning bike for under £300. At the time of writing, this spin bike is £299. Check below for the best price

Read the full review of this bike here.

Best Spin Bike Under £500

We still find it hard to believe, but the JTX Cyclo 6 is currently only £499. That is an insane price and this is the key reason it is number 1 in our best spin bikes guide.

The features of this model are what you might expect from a spin bike priced at around £1,000. And the 2-year warranty JTX offers goes to show that the quality is there with this bike.

Read the full review of this bike here.

Best Spin Bike Under £1000

The winner here is the JTX Cyclo Studio. While it scored a little lower than the Cyclo 6, this was only based on price – the features are actually better on this model, so if you have a little extra to spend then it is worth it.

The extra money will get you a 25 kg flywheel rather than 22 kg (a heavier flywheel makes for a smoother ride) an advanced computer, and an extra year on the warranty – 3 years vs. 2 years.

Read the full review of this bike here.

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