Best Hex Dumbbells 2022

Best Hex Dumbbells UK 2022

When it comes to lifting weights, dumbbells are an essential piece of gym equipment.

Whether training for weight loss or to build muscle, weights are the most efficient option – especially when strength gains or muscle hypertrophy are your goals. This is because it’s easier to progressively overload when compared with bodyweight training.

With that said, hex dumbbells are even useful for bodyweight exercises such as pushups and planks.

Why Buy Hex Dumbbells?

Many people are now opting for adjustable dumbbells because they are a convenient, good value, space-saving option.

Unfortunately, adjustable dumbbells do have drawbacks – one such example is that they are often bulky. This makes performing certain exercises a little bit more uncomfortable than they need to be.

Another problem with adjustable dumbbells is that they can’t be dropped. This might sound silly if you’re just starting out, however, if strength gains are your priority you’ll need to lift heavy. Once you reach a certain stage, dropping the dumbbells becomes part and parcel of the daily workout routine.

For those who have the space in their home gym, we highly recommend investing in a decent set of hexagonal dumbbells.

They’re long-lasting, durable, they can be dropped, you can change weight quickly, and their shape makes them ideal for other exercises as well.

Generally speaking, a huge number of customers who buy hexagonal dumbbells are pleased with their purchase and believe they are worth the investment. You’ll also easily find options to suit any budget.

Which Hex Dumbbells to Avoid

It might seem strange, but we’re also including which hex dumbbells to avoid in this guide. For example, these ones on Amazon have featured in other Best Dumbbell Guides.

It’s hard to understand how other bloggers have included these because they’re not even the correct weight! Numerous customers have complained that each dumbbell is up to 500 grams lighter than advertised.

Some people have even posted images, too, verifying the inaccuracy. That said, they are cheaper than all the others in our list – so if you want to save yourself a little bit of cash and don’t mind that they aren’t the exact weight advertised, then knock yourself out.

We also found numerous customer reviews criticising MiraFit dumbbells for smelling strongly of chemicals.

In our guide, we’ve checked out the customer reviews to weed out any dumbbells which appear to be inaccurate or poorly made. After all, this is the best hex dumbbells article.

Overall Hex Dumbbell Rankings

Before we go into detail, here’s the list of the best hexagonal dumbbell weights, in order.

  1. 9.9/10: MuscleSquad Hex Dumbbells
  2. 9.8/10: JTX Hex Dumbbells
  3. 9.7/10: DKN Hex Dumbbells
  4. 9.5/10: Body Revolution Hex Dumbbells
  5. 9.4/10: Vital Gym Hex Dumbbells
  6. 9.2/10: Pro Fitness Hex Dumbbells

The Best Hex Dumbbells 2022 – Detailed Review


MuscleSquad Hex Dumbbells

MuscleSquad Hex Dumbbells

MuscleSquad dumbbells have received fantastic customer reviews – scoring an incredible 4.9 out of 5.

In addition, these hex dumbbells are cheaper than the competition.

For these reasons, they make the top of our best hexagonal dumbbell list.

MuscleSquad’s Trust Pilot score is high, too, proving that this company knows exactly how to look after their customers.

The range of weight loads is also high – you can pick up sets ranging from 1 kg up to 50 kg. These come in 1 kg increments up to 10 kg (including 2.5 kg and 7.5 kg) and then in 2.5 kg increments all the way to 50 kg.

This range of weight options is unrivalled, and with that, we determined that there really isn’t anything not to like here.

In conclusion, these hex dumbbells will suit anyone – no matter what your budget or your fitness goals might be.

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JTX Hex Dumbbells

JTX Hex Dumbbells

JTX Fitness has made a name for themselves thanks to their unrivalled customer service.

Like many home gym equipment manufacturers, they stock hexagonal dumbbells.

These free weights cost a little more than others on our list, however, with that you get guaranteed quality and excellent customer care.

You’ll also discover a great range of cardio equipment on their website to compliment your strength training goals.

The only downside is that JTX (unlike MuscleSquad and DKN Fitness) does not offer a wide range of weight loads. While others such as MuscleSquad and DKN provide a large range of options, JTX is limited to 2 kg – 20 kg in 2 kg increments.

These hex dumbbells are perfect for those who don’t need to go too heavy and are happy to invest a little more for guaranteed quality and excellent customer care.

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DKN Hex Dumbbells

DKN Rubber Hex Dumbbells

DKN Hex dumbbells come in at number 3 for Fitness Savvy’s Best Hex Dumbbells roundup.

There’s not much it in when it comes to hex dumbbells.

What we mean here is that you’re not having to compare technical features or maximum user weights like you would when choosing a treadmill or a spinning bike.

It really comes down to the weight load options, customer service, accuracy, and product quality.

DKN’s rubber hex dumbbells are accurate, good quality weights. They’re sold through reputable retailers, so you’ll receive good customer care.

Regarding the weight load options, you can pick these up in singles or pairs from 1 kg up to 30 kg. The increments are the same as with MuscleSquad but stop at 30 kg.

The only thing letting these weights down is the weight load options when compared with MuscleSquad.

We recommend these dumbbells for those who require a retailer with a more established presence. While MuscleSquad is gaining in popularity, they are still a relatively new company. These dumbbells will also be a great option when MuscleSquad are out of stock.

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Body Revolution Hex Dumbbells

Body Revolution Hex Dumbbells

Body Revolution is another recognised fitness brand.

While these dumbbells will do the job, some customers have questioned the quality. With that said, all fitness equipment manufacturers are going to produce faulty goods at some point – the main thing is – is the exception, or the norm?

The vast majority of customers on Amazon praised these dumbbells and their quality. Although this is the case for the majority, some people did report that these hex dumbbells fell apart after a short while – even when stored correctly and used properly.

Regarding the weight load, like MuscleSquad and DKN, there’s a wide range available. You can start with pairs from 1 kg to 10 kg (in 1 kg increments) and then from 10 kg to 40 kg in 2.5 kg steps.

They’re not the cheapest on our list, therefore, we recommend these dumbbells if they’re on offer or if you can’t get any from the other suppliers on our list.

Compare Prices for Body Revolution Hex Dumbbells


Vital Gym Hex Dumbbells

Vital Gym Hexagonal Dumbbells

Towards the bottom of our list, we’ve included other options for you to consider.

Customers rated these dumbbells as highly as MuscleSqaud, and the price is about the same (lighter dumbbells are dearer than MuscleSquad and the heavier weights come in slightly cheaper – so it balances out).

The quality is excellent, as confirmed in customer reviews, however, the load options are limited – and this is why they have a lower Savvy Score.

The Vital Gym dumbbells can be purchased in a range from 5 kg to 20 kg, moving up in 5 kg increments.

When lifting weights to build muscle, you need to progressively overload. Ideally, you should opt for weights that move up in 2.5 kg increments for 10 kg+, and 1 kg increments below 10 kg.

Think about it like this: shoulder workouts such as lateral raises require a much lighter weight. You might start off at 3 kg on each arm. You don’t want to start off at 5 kg, then progressively overload to 10 kg – the 10 kg will be far too heavy.

You want to start off light, and move up gradually. This cannot be done with the Vital Gym hex dumbbells.

For this reason, we recommend them only for people who want to perform compound workout staples such as deadlifts, bench press, squats etc. For isolation exercises such as biceps curls and triceps kickbacks, these loads will be too much.

Compare Prices for Vital Gym Hex Dumbbells


Pro Fitness Hex Dumbbells

Pro Fitness Hexagonal Dumbbells

The final hex dumbbells on our list are the Pro Fitness Hex Dumbbells.

We mainly included these because they are available from Argos.

Everyone knows Argos and you can easily order these and pick them up soon after.

They are priced well and received excellent customer reviews.

Unfortunately, they only come in 3 sizes (5 kg, 10 kg and 15 kg), so like those from Vital Gym, they won’t allow users to progressively overload in an efficient and safe way.

These dumbbells are perfect for those who want some medium-load weights and want to get their hands on them the very same day, in typical Argos fashion.

Compare Prices for Pro Fitness Hex Dumbbells

Best Of The Rest

So, there are a lot of dumbbell brands out there. We’ve excluded any that we deem very poor quality or don’t have customer reviews.

That said, the ones below might take your fancy – so be sure to check them out in case they are better suited to your needs or your experience level.

How We Scored our Hex Dumbbells

Below we’ve gone into detail about the factors we considered while rating these dumbbells.

Customer rating

The most important thing when rating dumbbells is the customer score.

These are the people who’ve parted with their hard-earned cash.

You’ll often notice that these people are more honest with their reviews than other websites (who get paid for their opinion or free products in exchange for good reviews).


Hex dumbbells are all quite similar. Basically, they are a rubber-coated weight with a chrome knurled handle.

For this reason, the price is a huge factor to consider.

If 2 weights are identical in every other aspect, then you would want to purchase the cheaper one. For this reason, we factor the overall price into our Savvy Score.


While compiling this hexagonal dumbbell list we encountered a few dumbbell brands that were not accurate.

One of the ways you can compare dumbbells is by how much you’re paying for each kilogram of weight.

That becomes hard when each dumbbell is nearly 500 grams less than advertised! We’ve rated the most accurate dumbbells more favourably.


We left other dumbbell brands off of our list due to quality concerns.

We take the time to read many customer reviews and to test the weights for ourselves.

If the quality isn’t there, we’re not going to include them here just for the sake of it.

Weight range

Some dumbbells such as the Pro Fitness Hex Dumbbells only come in 3 sizes, ranging from 5 kg to 15 kg.

This isn’t good if you need a light dumbbell for shoulder workouts such as lateral raises, or heavier dumbbells for compound moves such as Romanian deadlifts and bench press.

Other brands provide more options. This means you can upgrade your set-up to include heavier weights as you progress. It also means that you needn’t worry about mixing and matching different dumbbell brands (which all have a different feel).

Final Words

Choosing the best hex dumbbells for your home gym set-up might seem daunting, to begin with. After all – there are so many options and not a huge difference between them.

Hopefully, our guide has been helpful in demonstrating what factors go into a higher scoring dumbbell.

If we’ve done a good job with this guide – or if we haven’t, be sure to leave a comment so we can continue to improve this guide.

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