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Back to the Recomp – Day 7

So here we are – already at the last day of week 1. How do I feel? I feel great. The mirror doesn’t lie, yet even at 25% body fat, I can see changes from when I started just a week ago.

Second attempt at pull day. Having learned what weight I should use, I am aiming for an all-out workout today. Sleep was not great last night, so if I can smash the workout and macros for the day, it will be a great result.

The Workout

All exercises incorporated 3-second negatives, and 2 second positives (3,0,2), and 60 seconds rest between sets. I worked out from 11am to 12pm.

  • Deadlifts. 10 sets of 10. 70kg. Was supposed to go for 67.5kg, but thought – sod it, I’ll go for 70kg! Had to rest after rep 8 on set 9 for a few seconds. Last 2 reps on set 10 nearly finished me!
  • Barbell Rows. 10 sets of 10. 42.5kg. Managed all sets, and all reps, but it was exhausting. Had to lie down afterwards! My row is one of my weaket points. So this is not surprising.
  • Reverse Biceps EZ Bar Curls – 17.5kg. Managed 2 sets of 12 last time. Hit 2 sets of 15 this time. Up the weight to 20kg next workout.


I fasted until 12pm. I visited my mum today, so worked out earlier and broke my fast earlier than planned. 14 hour fast in total, so only just under the 16 hours I aim for. Black coffee in the morning, and first lot of BCAA (10g with 5g creatine monohydrate) was in the gym.

Straight after my workout I consumed:

  • 1 x seeded bread and 4 scrambled eggs, and mushrooms
  • 50 grams cashew nuts
  • 200ml orange juice

In the evening:

  • roast dinner – mashed potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, sweetcorn, cabbage, yorkshire puddings and Quorn sausages.
  • banana
  • 3 scoops of casein protein (1.5 scoops around 8pm and 1.5 at 10.30pm)
  • 50 grams of cashew nuts
  • 70 grams of cheat nuts (those terrible ones with sugary spicy coating on them – dirty nuts, as I call them!)

Calories came in at 350 more than I had planned. I shall make up for it by trimming down tomorrow’s calories.

Total Calories = 2,921


Still feel a little sore in the chest, but not much. Feel fully recovered for the upcoming sessions.

Last Night’s Sleep

It was another late(ish) night. Got to bed around 12am. Woke up to the baby at 2am, and was woken up again around 5am. Got up at 7.30am. A total of 6.5 hours sleep, with 2 interruptions.

Overall Results

Went over my calorie target, fell a few grams short on protein and broke my fast early. I gave it everything in the gym, but sleep let me down. 5/10


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