7 Weight Loss Tips to Drop Pounds in a Month

Weight loss is something many people struggle with. It’s not just the stubborn fat that’s causing the problems, it’s also the abundance of misinformation that surrounds this topic.

There is a whole industry out there trying to sell you the next bullet-proof diet plan, or the next weight loss pill that ultimately does nothing for you. We’ll try to cut through the noise and give you 7 weight loss tips that will have you drop pounds in a month. Let’s get to it.

Start Counting Calories

Many people think that weight loss starts in the gym. That’s the first misconception that you need to eliminate. Weight loss starts and ends in the kitchen. What you eat matters, but how much you eat is far more important.

Your first step should be determining your TDEE or Total Daily Energy Expenditure. This is the number of calories you burn every day based on your height, weight, and a bunch of other facts. Then, you should determine a healthy calorie deficit and stick to it. Weight loss is all about burning more calories than you take in.

Start Working Out

Once you establish a diet plan that places you in a steady caloric deficit, it’s time to add exercise to the mix. There are two types of exercise you can do — aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is cardio, while anaerobic represents resistance training. Add Both to your weight loss plan

Mix Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

The reason why you should perform both aerobic and anaerobic exercises is simple. Experts over at NotOneRival.com argue that cardio generally helps you burn calories, but it doesn’t promote muscle mass increase. Being in a constant caloric deficit will reduce your muscle mass as well as your stores of body fat.

By adding some form of resistance training, whether it’s bodyweight training or weight training, you’re slowing down the loss of muscle and potentially even promoting muscle growth.

Remove Soda From Your Diet

Our eating habits define us. You truly are what you eat. Soda of any kind is arguably one of the worst enemies of a healthy body. Soft drinks are full of sugar. When you drink a can of pop, you’re ingesting around 150 calories on average.

That’s troublesome on its own. However, once you add the fact that most of those calories come in the form of processed sugars, you can truly start to appreciate how bad soda is for your organism. Drop soda from your diet as soon as possible.

Eat Lean

Not all calories are the same. We can generally divide our macronutrients into three main categories – proteins, carbs, and fats. While all three of these are important for maintaining a healthy body, some are more beneficial than others when it comes to weight loss.

Generally speaking, diets that focus mainly on protein will promote weight loss. Carbohydrates are energy your body uses for various functions. However, once there’s a surplus of carbs, they are being transformed into fat.

By reducing your intake of carbs, i.e. bread, pasta, and others, you’ll help yourself lose more weight. Find a protein/fat-rich diet that works with your food preferences and stick to it.

Drink Enough Water

Dehydration is a growing issue in our modern societies. We simply don’t drink enough water. Not only is water a necessary component of the calorie-burning process, but it is also a natural appetite suppressant. Staying hydrated will help you stave off hunger for longer.

Additionally, water has also been shown to increase resting calorie burn among people who are staying hydrated. It’s a good practice to drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up.

Don’t Starve Yourself

The best weight loss advice anyone can give is to never follow a diet that leaves you feeling starved. In fact, you should lose the term ‘diet’ from your vocabulary altogether. A diet usually implies a process that has a beginning and an end. The key to weight loss, especially long-term one, is to change your lifestyle, not your diet.

If you’re constantly depriving yourself of foods you love, you’re greatly reducing the chances of sticking to your new way of eating. Instead, put together meal plans that include foods you genuinely enjoy eating.

It’s imperative that you commit to your goals and stick to your weight loss plan. There is a very real mental component of losing weight. The road ahead won’t be easy. You’ll have to jump many hurdles, but it will be more than worth it in the end.

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