7 Benefits Only Personal Training Can Offer

7 Benefits Only Personal Training Can Offer

Starting a new fitness routine and plan is equal parts intimidating and confusing. Whether you’re new to the whole training scene or have fallen into a workout rut, it is hard to figure out where to begin – or how to navigate all the equipment and machines.

If you want to get all that guesswork out, you should hire a personal trainer! Some gyms like 1Vigor offer personal training to their clients and customers through multiple training sessions. This training setup can help you reach your personal fitness goal faster than you would have alone.

Learn the top 7 benefits of personal training and what it can do for your overall health and well-being!

What Is Personal Training?

personal trainerPersonal training involves hiring a professional personal trainer to help clients reach their overall fitness and workout goals through the skills, knowledge, and abilities they accumulated over the years. Typically, personal training is on a one-on-one basis involving the trainer and client, but there are instances that it’s a group session.

A personal trainer is a fitness expert, and professional tasked to design exercise programs and plans to help people meet their goals, which often include losing weight, managing a health condition, or improving their sports performance. 

Their job also involves monitoring their client’s progress and requires constant and consistent updating and continuous education via CPD courses. Sometimes, trainers give nutrition advice and also make their clients meal plans.

What Are The Benefits of Personal Training?

Here are seven benefits of personal training that might convince you to get a trainer:

1. Professional and Expert Advice

In a world filled with influencers, gym nuts, and fitness ‘pros’, none can beat the words and advice of actual, qualified professionals. A personal trainer has a certified and trustworthy wealth of knowledge you can utilise during your training sessions.

No matter what your goal is, a qualified PT is the only expert you’ll need to gain tailored and personalised advice and exercises.

Having a PT means that they work closely with you. They are required to keep a close eye on your situation and progress. Moreover, they can analyse you during each session and provide a new perspective on how you can reach and meet your fitness goals.

2. Helping Perfect Your Form

One of the most invaluable benefits of having a personal trainer is that you’re guaranteed to work out using the perfect form. Working with an educated and certified personal trainer means that they know the correct posture, form, and technique in pretty much any exercise. They ensure that their clients perform exercises efficiently and correctly to achieve maximum results.

Additionally, practising good form while exercising is essential in reducing the risk of acquiring injuries while working out. Several people have received severe injuries over the years by performing exercises they did not have training for, which can affect their fitness and health for a long time.

Having someone trained with you while working out reduces the chances of injuries and increases the likelihood of the effectiveness of the routine.

3. Catered To Your Personal Needs and Requirements

If you do a quick Google search, you will discover hundreds of pages filled with workout programs you can follow. Though, with that many choices, that does not mean you’ll instantly find the best option for you – if there is one.

Everyone has different body masses, backgrounds, injuries, histories, and more. That means no one’s abilities and body requirements are the same, especially regarding exercise.

Having a PT means you’ll get an individualised plan that will help give you the optimal results you want. They specialise in creating a particular workout plan and routine tailored to your needs. With a program that fits exceptionally well, you will likely maintain the habit and see results.

4. Long-term and Realistic Goals

Many people who undergo training expect to achieve their goals instantly or at least see visible results and progress. Unfortunately, this kind of thing takes time, even more so if you set goals that are a bit idealistic.

A personal trainer will help you set those goals right. Not only will they help you set realistic and achievable goals, but they will also help keep you on track to hit said goals! They will do so by altering your diet, setting a timeframe, and creating the perfect training plan!

5. Nutritional Advice

A personal trainer can provide general nutritional advice to help clients throughout their health and fitness journey. They are well aware that diet plays a vital role in personal training, regardless of your overall goal.

Knowing how much protein you need, how to include more vegetables and fruits in your daily meals, and even what your water intake should be can dramatically increase your progress. In fact, there is a study in 2015 indicating that calorie restriction combined with exercise produces the best weight loss results.

6. Accountability and Motivation

When exercising on your own, it is easy to skip out on sessions since no one keeps track of it other than yourself. A personal trainer wouldn’t let you do that. They will keep you accountable and motivated to push your workouts to the next level!

A PT also gives you the right energy, motivation, and encouragement to jumpstart and continue your workouts. They help set your goals and work on assisting you in accomplishing them.

7. Inspiration

It’s quite easy to get bored with your exercise routine. In addition to affecting your motivation and mood, boredom is also a common cause of training plateau and may leave you wondering why you don’t see results.

A personal trainer brings in a needed variety in your routine and a fresh new perspective and viewpoint to challenge your body and mind! You can even use what you learn from your PT after your program ends.


If you’re struggling to see the desired results, feeling the need to mix up your workout routine, or lacking the drive and motivation to train, then a personal trainer may be the one you need.

Hiring a personal trainer can become a crucial investment for your health. Not only do they give you a workout plan catered to your personal needs, but they can also give you adequate support and the proper tools to reach your fitness goals.

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