6 Tips To Stay Motivated During A Fitness Challenge

6 Tips To Stay Motivated During A Fitness Challenge

You have probably started a fitness challenge in the past and not long after, called it quits. The truth is, you’re not alone. Many people often stop their fitness challenge for various reasons. It may be because they got bored, didn’t see any results, got tired, or simply lost the motivation to keep going.  

Everyone knows how regular exercise is vital for optimal health. It brings numerous benefits to your health and helps you achieve your fitness goals. However, the only way you can reap these benefits is to stick to your exercise routine consistently. Thus, the challenge many people experience is not always about doing the exercise properly, but it’s more about doing it continuously and consistently. 

So, if you’re looking for ways to become physically fit, you need to find ways to keep yourself on track with your fitness challenge. Here are six tips to keep you motivated during your fitness challenge and ensure you stick to your exercise routine regularly.  

Set Goals

Before anything, you need to set clear goals for yourself. Assess yourself and ask what do you want to get out of the fitness challenge. If you’re only doing it for fun, there’s a tendency that sooner or later, you’ll quit once you get bored or tired. In addition, setting goals that are too ambitious might only cause more frustration on your end, making you give up on the challenge sooner than expected. 

Thus, your goals have to be realistic, achievable, and straightforward. If you wish to shed or earn a few pounds, you need to determine how much weight you want to lose or gain. Once you know your goals, it’ll be easier to create an effective fitness challenge suitable for your fitness goals. Make sure you also write your goals down to make it easier for you to track your progress. 

It’s also recommended that you create two sets of goals: short-term and long-term. A short-term goal can look like this: 

  • Walk around the neighbourhood for 10 minutes each day 
  • Do ten push-ups in the morning 
  • Take a yoga class once a week

Meanwhile, a long-term goal can be: 

  • Join a 5K or 10K marathon 
  • Lose or gain one to two pounds every month or two 

Once you start checking off some goals on your list, you’ll be more inspired and motivated to keep going. Remember that it’s fine to change your goals over time as your fitness challenge evolves.  

Do Physical Activities You Actually Enjoy

Some people give up on their fitness challenge because they often feel like they’re punishing themselves. But the thing is, you’ll only feel that way if you’re doing something you don’t like in the first place. So, instead of forcing yourself to do exercises you don’t want, start doing physical activities you actually enjoy. 

For instance, if jogging or running don’t sound appealing to you, you can do other cardio exercises as an alternative, such as swimming. If you love swimming at the beach, you can turn this into a routine since swimming is also considered a physical exercise. When you love what you’re doing, you’ll never want to quit. 

Blast Your Workout Playlist

Nothing can get you moving more than playing your favourite workout playlist. Good music will not only boost your mood, but it can also improve your performance and endurance. Plus, the beat of the music can also be a good distraction from the discomfort or pain you’re feeling during the exercise.  

So, before you begin your exercise routine, take out your workout playlist and wear your high-quality earphones. Meanwhile, if you’re working out alone in your at-home gym, you can use speakers and play whatever song you want that will pump you through your workouts. 

Take Your Fitness Challenge Outdoors

Another way to stay motivated is to keep your workout routine fresh. You’ve probably been doing the same fitness routine for several weeks or months that you’re starting to get tired or bored with it. So, keep it fresh by moving your fitness challenge outdoors.  

For instance, when you do sit-ups or curl-ups, lay your yoga mat outside your patio, backyard, or even in the forest and do your exercises there. Another is, instead of running on your treadmill, you can go on a real jog at the park or run into the woods. Exercising outdoors will be like a breath of fresh air into your fitness routine. 

Join forces with friends

Join Forces With Friends

Doing the fitness challenge with your friends and family can also keep you motivated. As you join forces with others, you’re less likely to feel bored and tired. Furthermore, doing your fitness challenge with others can also be a good place to have small competition. Meanwhile, if you can’t find any friends to join you, you can join fitness challenge groups or classes instead. 

Reward Yourself

When you tick off some fitness goals on your list, rewarding yourself can help you stay motivated. The actual results of the fitness challenge may take time, but you can ensure that you’ll be crushing small goals along the way. You can reward yourself by scheduling a cheat day or buying yourself new workout clothes.  


Doing your fitness challenge doesn’t have to be dull. So, set your goals, play your workout tunes, make it fun, and reward yourself from time to time. Physical activity is a lifelong journey and making it fun will surely make you stick to it for life.


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