5 Tips To Keep Your Gains When You Can’t Hit The Gym

5 Tips To Keep Your Gains When You Can’t Hit The Gym

The coronavirus pandemic has made most people stay home to help keep the deadly virus from spreading. At a time where most gym nuts can’t get their gym fix, they have opted to exercise and train at home so they won’t lose their progress even if they can’t go to the gym.

The good news is maximizing gains is something you can still do in the comfort of your own home. The best way? Bodyweight training. These exercises use your body weight as resistance against gravity.

In all bodyweight exercises, the core of them deals in the basic human movements of push and pull, squat, lunge, and hinge. If you incorporate all these movements into your exercise at home, it may help you keep your gains while gyms are still inaccessible.

General health advice, coupled with an overview of these basic core movements, is what you should expect to find in the rest of this article.


For the new home workout plan you’re going to adhere to, consistency is key. You are going to have to adapt and make sure you show up, day in and day out. The first week or so is going to be difficult, adjusting to working out in the silence of your home, without the general atmosphere that a gym fosters. But if you keep at it, you will find your rhythm and get used to it over time.

The Movements

The beauty of these movements is that the core exercises involved are staple exercises even in the gym. This can make the transition into a full bodyweight workout routine so much easier. The movements include:


Push movements are the exercises that develop the chest, triceps, quadriceps, shoulders. Push workouts deal mostly with developing upper body strength. A classic example of a push movement is push-up. A versatile exercise with many variations, you can never go wrong with including this movement in your workout plan.


Pull movements deal in the training of all the upper muscles that deal with pulling motion, namely the back and biceps. A good example of a pull exercise would be the pull-up. All that is required is a secure place to hang from and you’re good to go. With a couple of variations to help you target specific muscles groups in the back, you’re going to have fun with this one.


The squat is a compound movement that works mainly on the quadriceps and glutes. You can get creative to make this type of exercise more enjoyable.


Similar to squats, in that they target the same muscle groups, lunges are a unilateral movement. By working on one leg at a time, they help stabilize your core and promote stability.


Hinge is another term for deadlift exercises. Deadlifting is basically bending over to pick up heavy objects and can target a lot of muscle groups at once. Without the presence of heavy weights, you can find evenly weighted objects around the house that can serve this purpose.


To maintain your gains, it is not enough to be doing basic resistance workouts. You need to watch what you eat. You have to make sure you’re consuming proper amounts of protein. Because your activity levels have gone down significantly, watching what you eat can determine the difference between starting over in the gym and picking up where you left off.

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Basic Equipment

For some, a total downshift to full bodyweight training doesn’t work. They yearn for the feel of weights, and that’s okay—every person’s body and preference are different. In that event, it is time to invest in some basic equipment to give you that ‘gym feel’ at home. 

You can start with a pair of dumbbells, a skipping rope, a mat, and a lightweight bench. All of these can open up whole new possibilities and create variety in your workout without turning your home into a full-fledged gym. Sticking to basic equipment is a lot easier on the wallet as well.

Set Realistic Goals

Working out not only benefits you physically but mentally as well. Make sure you set realistic goals that are attainable in the short term as you adjust to the current situation. Working out loses its purpose if it leaves you stressed instead of fulfilled. Make sure to take it one day at a time.


Incorporate physical activity into your daily routine as much as you can. While it may be hard to stay motivated at home, keeping at it can maintain the progress you’ve already achieved at the gym. Who knows, before you know it, you’ll be back in the gym. In the meantime, these tips can help you start to keep your gains while stuck at home.

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