5 Simple Additions You Should Make To Your Home Gym!

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Keeping fit and healthy is something that a lot of people are looking to do on a regular basis, and they might not always have time for the gym. Because of this, we’re seeing more and more people creating their own home gyms to allow them the luxury of convenience. However, it can be hard to know if you’ve got enough equipment or if you’ve got the right type of equipment as well. So, if you want to know out how you can take your home gym to the next level, keep reading and discover 5 simple additions you should make to yours!

A Squat Rack

squat rack

Most people are looking to train weights when using their home gym, and one of the best bits of kit you can have to do so is a squat rack. If you take a look at some of the best squat racks on the market, you’ll find that they’re not as expensive as you thought. Squat racks are designed to, you guessed it, help you with weighted squats. You’ll probably find that you can squat a whole lot heavier when you have a rack as well, allowing you to grow at a faster pace. You can actually perform a lot of different exercises with a squat rack too. For instance, shoulder press, deadlifts, and barbell lunges. So, really, when you buy a squat rack, you’re actually investing in your total body, not just your legs. Squat racks can also help you lift safely too as you can easily put the weight back on it if you aren’t able to do the lift. Preventing injury is key, so be sure to add a squat rack to your home gym!

A Barbell

You might already have a whole host of differently weighted dumbbells but having a barbell could actually be better for your home gym. Barbells allow you to load up a lot higher of a weight, but also keep it low when you need to. You can perform a lot of the same movements with a barbell as you would dumbbells too, but you’ll find that you’ve got more stability from the bar itself. A barbells will typically have a bit of weight to it already, so you might find that at the beginning of your journey that you don’t even need any additional weight when using it. Again, you can use a barbell for lower and upper body exercises, so having something so versatile can be great for your home gym.


You’ve probably seen kettlebells at the gym and wondered what on earth people were doing with them. But these unique weights can be great to add to your home gym and allow you to really up your exercise game. Kettlebells come in all sorts of different weights and can be used for a variety of exercises; the most popular being a kettlebell swing. Kettlebells are said to be great for strengthening your core, improving your balance and flexibility, and working your lower and upper body. Essentially, kettlebells give you a full body workout pretty much every time you use them, making them ideal for your home gym collection.


Sometimes called Battle Ropes, these heavy ropes are a lot harder to exercise with than you might think. You may wonder how on earth two pieces of rope can help boost your performance as well, but once you use them, you’ll soon see how tough they can really be. The ropes are super thick and pretty heavy when you hold them in both of your hands, and when you perform the exercise, you’ll soon see how much it pushes your endurance. The ropes are tied or secured into place as well, so you can easily use them and they’re a great way of keeping fit at home. So, be sure to add these ropes to your home gym.

An Exercise Bike

When you’ve got a home gym, you need to be sure that you’ve also got some form of cardiovascular exercise. You might not want a treadmill as running can be quite tough on your joints, and if you’re weightlifting, you want to protect them as much as possible. So, why not try an exercise bike instead? There are all sorts of stationary bikes out there that come with all kinds of different accessories to make riding it as fun as possible. You can even get ones that are fitted with screens so you can follow along with classes and personal trainers. So, don’t feel as though you’re having to do tough, boring cardio exercises and add an exercise bike to your home gym. You’ll be surprised at how often you want to do cardio!

Having a home gym can be great for those who are busy working and can’t find the time to go to the gym, but it’s also great for anyone who wants to get fit. These 5 pieces of kit can transform your home gym from being just adequate to being professional. So, be sure to add some of these items and you’ll soon have the perfect home gym!

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