10 Ways to Quickly Relieve Psycho-Emotional and Muscle Tension

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Emotional stress is often confused with stress, although the two should be separated. We can say that emotional stress is the cause, but the state of stress is the effect. Emotions, no doubt, decorate our life, make them more complete. Joy, love, surprise, gratitude – all these are emotions that we experience constantly. It is good if a person knows how to pour out his emotions from time to time. Someone goes to a psychologist to talk about their difficulties, about what is “boiling.” Someone shares their problems, fears, and grievances with friends and loved ones.

But how to cope with stress if you are left alone with yourself? We offer 10 express mental stress relief methods available to everyone.

1. Deep breathing exercises

Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, filling the belly with air first, then the chest. Count to four 1-2-3-4 slowly. Act at your own pace. Exhale as slowly as possible through your mouth, pursing your lips, as if you are about to whistle. When your lungs feel empty, again count to four. Start over again and repeat 3-4 times.

2. Quick relaxation

In a stressful situation, the ability to quickly relax. In the beginning, you will need to apply the previous method of relieving emotional stress, deep breathing exercises two, three times, counting the inhalation, exhalation to yourself … After achieving general relaxation, you need to feel all the muscles of your body. Focus on your facial expression and body position. If you feel excessive muscle tension in any part of the body (for example, in the right arm), then strain and then relax the various muscle groups of this part of the body (tighten and relax the biceps, muscles of the forearm, etc.). Try to feel your body and how it relaxes. This technique can be practiced in an imaginary stressful situation. Repeat the exercise once a week.

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3. Concentration

For this exercise, the exercise of concentrating on the things that surround you at the moment is well suited. Take a look around and take a close look at the room in which you are. Concentrate on broadcasting the same color, for example, remember everything is white. Anchor the white with the association of white milk, white clouds, etc. After, collect all the items one by one, stopping separately on each item. Exercise can help you take your mind off emotional stress. Attention will be diverted to a rational perception of the environment.

4. A change of scenery

A change of scenery is a good helper to relieve stress. If you are in a bad mood, a feeling of tension, the situation is oppressive, then leave the room where acute stress has arisen. You can just go outside if you can take a walk in the park, where you can be alone with your thoughts. Take a look around, see what surrounds you, observe nature like in some relaxing Mornington Peninsula wineries. If this is a weekend, be sure to go out into nature (when the weather permits), go to the movies, meet friends, do something unusual.

Be sure to plan an unforgettable trip on your vacation. The trip will allow you to meet new people, immerse yourself in a new culture. Unfamiliar places allow you to see the world around you in all its glory. Be sure to take a notebook and a camera with you. Watch everything new and write down whatever comes to mind. New impressions will prolong the positive emotions from the trip for a long time.

5. Relaxation

Lie on your back. Concentrate on your breathing. Relax your body slowly. Begin to inhale slowly through your nose. Fill in the lower chest and then the middle and upper chest and lungs. Remember to do it slowly. Hold your breath for a second or two. Then you need to calmly and easily release the air. Wait a few seconds and repeat the exercise. Сonnect your imagination and visualize thoughts by presenting them in the form of pictures, color, and as detailed as possible. Imagine that you are in a calm situation, around a palm tree and a warm, gentle ocean in the Maldives, where water gently touches your body and takes away negative emotions. Or imagine yourself having a full body massage in Dubai in a luxury spa – try to feel the tension go away and you are enveloped in total relaxation. You can continue this breathing technique as long as you like until you feel sleepy.

6. Abstraction

Engage in some activity – it doesn’t matter what: start doing laundry, washing dishes, or cleaning. It doesn’t matter, whatever activity you choose will help you distract yourself.

7. Music

Choose your favourite quiet, calming music. Make yourself comfortable and listen in a relaxed atmosphere.

8. Arithmetic

Calculate how many days are left before the significant days in your life. For example, how many days are left until your birthday, until the significant dates in your life that you are waiting for? Good memories, when they were, and how long has passed since then.

9. Communication

Talk to anyone you know about a distraction. He can be with you, or you can call him on the phone. This will give you a distraction at this stage.

10. Warm shower

Warm water has a relaxing effect on the muscles, thereby relieving tension. The jets of water also promote relaxation and relaxation through a light massaging action. The shower can be contrasting, it all depends on your personal preferences.

All these recommendations will help you quickly get rid of psycho-emotional stress and will allow you to look at the world from a different angle. Don’t let your emotions rule your life. Remember that it depends only on you whether your life will be a continuous holiday or a series of failures.

Talk to anyone you know about a distraction. He can be with you, or you can call him on the phone. This will give you a distraction at this stage.

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